How Bidding Works in CoConstruct

CoConstruct Create Bids from Your Estimate

Create Bids from Your Estimate

Stop copying-and-pasting! Just click the items you want to bid from your estimate, and the estimate items, specs, and selection choices, copy right over to your bid.

CoConstruct Post Files to the Plan Room

Post Files to the Plan Room

Organize project files and bid details in one place. Share plans and other files in the Plan Room, so you’ll no longer need to manually email links to a file sharing service or require trade partners to log in to get basic info.

CoConstruct Email Bid Requests

Email Bid Requests

Bid out your job without sending repetitive, mind-numbing emails. Just click your bidding details, select your preferred subs, and CoConstruct will email your subs for you.

CoConstruct Track Who Plans to Bid

Track Who Plans to Bid

Know who wants to play ball. CoConstruct give your subs a button right in their bid request email that they can click to let you know if they’re interested or not so you don’t have to chase them down. They don’t even have to log in to CoConstruct to give you a response.

CoConstruct Answer Questions

Answer Questions

Centralize your communication. To submit questions or to bid, subs just reply to the bid email, and CoConstruct securely stores the response where none of the other bidders can see it. Your response will be recorded in CoConstruct, and kept organized with the other bid details.

CoConstruct Send Due Date Reminders

Send Due Date Reminders

With faster turnaround times and a more professional appearance, get ready to win more projects — and save time doing it. When you get the signed contract, all of your information is already in the system and ready to go.

CoConstruct Push Estimate to QuickBooks

Push Estimate to QuickBooks

Push your estimates to QuickBooks Desktop or Online in seconds. Our full financial integration allows you push your detailed estimate infomation with the click of a button.

CoConstruct Track Your Budget-to-Actuals

Track Your Budget-to-Actuals

As the job progresses, CoConstruct tracks your budgets to the actual costs pulled right from QuickBooks, so you know exactly where your costs — and profits — stand, anywhere you have internet access.

Make the money you expected to make (and have time to enjoy it!).

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Mark Scheipeter

Schei Home Building Company, Inc. | St. Louis, MO

Before CoConstruct, we were using Excel templates that we had created to do our estimating. We thought it was doing just fine. After diving into CoConstruct…no more double checking formulas and totals – it’s all in there!

We love being able to create all the different estimating templates as well. Other CoConstruct users have even shared their templates with us and we have shared some of ours. This is just one more area of our business that CoConstruct has really made a difference.



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