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#1 Highest Rated Custom Builder & Remodeler Software

Construction Proposal Software

Are you ready to win more jobs with less effort? CoConstruct’s proposal feature eliminates endless copying and pasting between systems. Your proposal will be in your client’s hands before your competitors’, and it will be the most complete, detailed, neatly organized, and professional proposal they receive. Just sit back and watch them be impressed.

Give prospects their first – and best – proposal.

Proposals CoConstruct
Automatically Create Proposals

Generate proposal documents quickly, without copying and pasting between multiple files and systems. CoConstruct seamlessly pulls the latest information from your estimates, bids, scope of work, and selections into a professional document.

Templates CoConstruct
Customize Documents and Detail

Three different exportable documents and several custom options give you the ability to choose exactly what you present to your client: decision schedule, allowance breakdown, or the entire proposal. You can even customize the level of details and pricing information, so you present exactly what you want — and what you don’t. The Word export allows you even more flexibility to customize from there.

Bidding CoConstruct
Confidently Update Your Number

Whether you use CoConstruct’s bidding features to get firmer numbers or you have clients who keep changing their minds (again, and again, and again…), generate an updated proposal with a few clicks, and save hours from your revision process while being confident the math is always right.

Client Access CoConstruct
Wow Your Prospects

Your future clients will be impressed with how quickly you can get back to them with a professional, polished, and complete proposal. Print it out or save a tree and share it with them online.

Proposals CoConstruct
Make it a Contract

Because CoConstruct neatly brings together all of your specs, selections, and latest pricing, your proposal becomes part of your contract with all of the right details from the start.

With all of your data in one place, in an impressive format, CoConstruct helps you win more jobs and spend less time doing it.


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Cosgrove and Sons

I love doing our proposals in CoConstruct. Especially good to keep track of the changes and their resulting costs that you make as you go through the negotiations with a client on the job.

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