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#1 Highest Rated Custom Builder & Remodeler Software

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#1 Highest Rated Custom Builder & Remodeler Software

Construction Scheduling Software

Get more done across your projects and spend less time sifting through the chaos of changing schedules and missed deadlines. CoConstruct’s powerful scheduling tool gives you predictability to your builds while slashing the fire drills and last-minute phone calls.

How Schedules Work in CoConstruct

Templates CoConstruct
Start with a Template

Get started faster. Use one of our starter schedule templates, build your own, or have us import one from another system. Even when no two jobs are the same, we reduce the gruntwork to get a project plan in place.

Scheduling CoConstruct
Tweak Your Dates

Easily adjust your schedule, whether you like to type or just drag-and-drop. Our online scheduling gives you the familiar power from tools you’ve used in the past, like calendar and Gantt views, predecessors, assignees, critical path highlighting, baselines, and more.

Comments + Communication CoConstruct
Send Notices

Once the job is running, effortlessly keep your team and subs in the know with email or text notifications about new tasks or a summary breakdown of the week. They can also check their assignments and get other job details in the field from the mobile app.

Trade Partner Communication CoConstruct
Get Confirmations

Stop wondering if people will show up to the right place at the right time. Assignees can reply to texts or emails to confirm dates and can even attach pictures of work they’ve completed. CoConstruct notifies you of the confirmation and keeps an air tight paper trail that you can search at any time.

Task Manager CoConstruct
Adjust Your Schedule

When life happens, update your schedules quickly, even from your phone. When you shift the date of a task on your schedule, it will update your other tasks automatically. We’ll even send out notices so your subs know about their updated tasks. Even see all of your projects on a single calendar to make sure everything is in sync.

Client Access CoConstruct
Share with Clients (or not)

Cut down on clients status calls by automatically keeping them in the loop. You can choose to show your clients all of the details or just a high-level checklist of the schedule so they aren’t in the weeds. Link your schedule to your selection sheet to keep your clients on top of what decisions they need to make next.

Finish your jobs faster, with more predictability.


What our customers are saying

Greg Waddell

Tangle Ridge Builders | Milledgeville, GA

I was initially looking for scheduling software because I wanted to make my projects flow better… Anybody in this business knows that time is money, so the faster that I can complete a job efficiently, the more that I can make. I used to only have 3-4 jobs going at a time, and now we have 9 underway. I know where every job is every day, and my clients absolutely love it. It has been incredible for my business.

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