Communicating with trade partners - Tasks

Communicating with trade partners - Tasks

Amber Harlow


Schedule Assignments

CoConstruct makes it easy to communicate with your Trade Partners on tasks that they need to complete for your project.  

Each task within the schedule can be assigned to one or more Trade Partners.  Under the “Assignees” field you can search and select a Trade Partner from your list who will be responsible for that task.


Based on your schedule settings, CoConstruct will automatically alert Trade Partners of their assigned tasks on your active projects to provide them with the project information, assigned dates and any relevant notes you’ve added to the task.

The Trade Partner’s notification will include a direct link to confirm their availability to complete the task.  If they aren’t available on the scheduled dates or have questions related to the assignment, your partner can simply reply to the notification - all subsequent back and forth communication from that notification are recorded in CoConstruct under the task’s comments.



To-do and Warranty Tasks

In a similar way, your Trade Partners can be assigned to to-do and warranty tasks for your projects.  Each task can be assigned to a single builder and single trade partner.



Similar to a schedule task, the Trade Partner will receive an email alert notifying them of the task, dates, project information and any attachments added to the to-do and can reply to that notification to communicate back with you and your team.


Task Comments

Aside from assigning tasks to your Trade Partners, you can also communicate important information to them using the Comments on the schedule.  Each task has its own comment thread allowing you to keep communications with different Trade Partners separate and on subject.

From the schedule, you can select the speech bubble next to the individual task:


From a to-do or warranty tasks, select the comment button at the bottom of the details panel:



By clicking into the task’s comments, you can type out a comment for your trade partner(s), select who should be included in the comment thread and send!



Based on the partner’s communication settings, they will receive an email and/or text message with your comment and simply reply to record a comment back to CoConstruct!



When adding multiple trade partners to the same comment thread, they will be able to see who else is included in the conversation and their responses will be shared with one another until you remove individuals from the comment thread.

This is a great way to allow your different trades and vendors to collaborate and coordinate on work that needs to be done without having to relay messages back and forth.


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