How do I control which instant alerts I receive?

How do I control which instant alerts I receive?

Megan Sullivan

When homebuyers make important updates to the site, CoConstruct is ready to respond. Whether it's a new question, comment or selection, the instant alert feature keeps you informed.

But, what if you don't need EVERY update on EVERY project? Maybe you just run certain projects. Or, you're only involved in warranty items.

Fortunately, you can decide your own "perfect fit" for instant alerts.

From your Name in the upper right corner, go to Personal Settings. In Instant Alert Preferences, you can specify which alerts you want to receive, both by project and by alert type:


  • All projects
  • Only for projects where I can clear updates
  • Only for certain projects
  • Only for a certain project group

Types of alerts

  • Change orders
  • Comments
  • Messages
  • Questions
  • Selection choices
  • Warranty requests
  • Trade Partner file uploads

Especially if you have enough projects in play that not everyone is involved on every project, check out the "Only for certain projects" option. You can cherry-pick just the projects you want, and cut out the noise from all of the others.

If people on your team choose this option, you'll notice a change when you add a new project:


You can immediately add this new job to those people's notification lists. That way, they don't have to remember to update their personal settings each time a new job rolls in.

Likewise if you're organizing your jobs with project groups, you can elect to instead receive notifications "Only for a certain project group." As jobs are added or removed from the group you select, your notifications will automatically be kept up to date.

With all of your notification settings in place, you can choose to get alerts via email or text message.

Like some peace and quiet? You also have the option to turn off the instant alerts across the board.  Just head to your Personal Settings to make adjustments to your own notifications.

If you're an admin on the account, you can adjust your team's notifications at any time. Go to the Contacts > My Team page > click the three dots next to the person's name > Edit.

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