How do my Xero invoices account for GST or other taxes?

How do my Xero invoices account for GST or other taxes?

Megan Sullivan

When you create an invoice in Xero from a CoConstruct change order, you will see a column for "tax rate" on your Xero invoice.


Xero will use the default tax rate set for the revenue account that you are using with CoConstruct.

  1. If you need to account for GST on your invoices, you can go to your Xero Chart of Accounts to ensure that the revenue account that you are using has the right tax rate setting. if you're unsure of which revenue account you're using, it will be selected on the Accounting Integration settings page in CoConstruct and will also show up on your Xero invoice in the "Account" column.
  2. By default, CoConstruct creates invoices in Xero with a "tax inclusive" setting, meaning that your line item amounts already include the tax that appears in the "tax rate" column. If the change order that you created in CoConstruct did not account for GST, you can always change your Xero invoice to "tax exclusive" after the invoice is created.

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