How does the mobile app differ from the main CoConstruct website?

Megan Sullivan

The mobile app allows you to utilize most of the same functions from the main CoConstruct site.

Available Features

Here is a breakdown of what you can access and do within the mobile app:

Task Manager

  • View, edit, and complete your tasks in one place -- across all projects and pages
  • Search for tasks based on assignee and date range


  • View all communication across all projects in one place! (exclusive to the mobile app)
  • Receive push notifications on your mobile device for new communication
  • Attach in-line photos to messages and comments (exclusive to the mobile app)
  • Search for keywords to pull up relevant conversations

Projects (all active, warranty, and prospect projects)

  • Questions
    • View comments on a question
    • Answer client questions
    • Clear Question “update” icons
  • To-Dos
    • Create new to-do items - assign a partner or another builder team member
    • Attach or upload photos
    • Edit existing to-do items
    • Add or view comments on a to-do item
    • Mark a to-do item complete
  • Specs & Selections
    • View all spec & selection items
    • View or add comments on items
    • Make or change choices on a selection item
    • View whether a selection is attached to an approval document (any status)
    • View whether a selection item is locked
    • View files and photos attached to a spec or selection item
  • Financials
    • Builders can view the financials summary for the project (Base Price, total adjustment from selections, adjustment from Change Orders, Total Price, and Payments)
    • Builders can view their full Budget data for a project and mark items as complete
  • Change Orders
    • View all change orders on a project and see the status of each document (Approved, Awaiting Approval, Draft, Declined, or Voided)
  • Messages
    • View messages from and to your clients
    • Add a new message and choose whether to share it with the clients
    • Clear “update” icons on messages
  • Files
    • Can view files by label
  • Photos
    • Can upload new photos and view photos by label
    • Upload multiple photos at once
  • Schedule
    • View all schedule tasks
    • Edit task names
    • Set and view assignees
    • Mark a task complete or a percentage done
    • Confirm partners
    • Change a task’s start and end date
    • Enter public and private notes
    • View comments on a task
    • Add new comments – share with select partners
  • Warranty
    • Assign to an internal team member and a partner
    • Apply a deadline date
    • Hide or show the warranty item to the client
    • View and accept warranty items that are awaiting approval
    • Comment on warranty items that are awaiting approval
    • Add a new warranty item and...
    • Edit an existing warranty item
    • Complete a warranty item
    • Comment on a warranty item
  • Job Log
    • View the last 15 days of jobsite logs
    • Add a new jobsite log – weather, flags, photos and job notes
    • Choose to share or not share a job note or photo with client
    • Edit existing jobsite log – weather and flags only
    • Update weather for all projects
  • Project Info
    • View the project address and use Google Maps to get directions
    • View the clients for a particular project
    • Call your clients directly from the mobile app

Time Clock

  • Clock in and out with notes
  • Collect GPS when clocking in and out (exclusive to the mobile app)
  • Switch activities, projects or time type easily (exclusive to the mobile app)
  • View time entries from the last 30 days
  • Add time manually or edit entries


  • Search for contacts by name
  • View contact information, tap to call/email, and view/complete any pending contact activities
  • Add new contacts or edit existing entries
  • Add new opportunities or edit existing entries

Unavailable Features

You may notice some capabilities missing from the mobile app. Some of this is to keep the performance of the mobile app optimal for all the different mobile devices out there.  Some of these are on our enhancement request list and will someday be added.

Here is a list of pages and functions that cannot be accessed from the mobile app, but which can still be accessed by logging into the full site:

  • Projects
    • Archived projects are not accessible through the mobile app
    • Adding a new project or editing a project's setup
  • The Estimate, Bids, and Purchase Orders tabs of the Financials page (Change Orders, Budget and a Financials Summary are available, however)
  • Edit spec or selection items – This includes:
    • Changing a "Requested by" date
    • Adding new items
    • Locking or unlocking selections
  • Schedule functions:
    • Editing a project schedule that is in draft status or was put in draft status by someone else
    • View your schedule in the Gantt, Calendar, or Baseline View
  • To-Do functions:
    • Show a hidden to-do to a client
    • View completed to-do items
  • Warranty functions:
    • Show a hidden warranty item to a client
    • View a completed warranty item
    • Verify a completed warranty item
  • Files
    • Uploading files (these can be emailed in from mobile devices)
  • Templates
    • View or edit Selection or Schedule Templates

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