Importing Schedules into CoConstruct


March 19, 2020

While there isn't a direct import option for schedules within CoConstruct, our data team can easily import a new schedule template from Excel or an MPP file.

The attached template can be used to organize and prepare your Schedule data to be imported into CoConstruct by team.

A few helpful tips:

  1. Do not insert or delete any columns in this template. Just fill out (copy/paste) the desired information in each column.
  2. At a minimum each line item needs to have a Task Name. If you don't add a duration, each task will be set to one day.
  3. The task Duration must be a whole number (3 not 3.5) and does not need the word "day/days" written (3 not 3 days).
  4. Multiple predecessors can be entered on a given task by separating each predecessor with a semicolon (5;3SS;2).
  5. The predecessor column can include lag / lead time if appropriate (predecessor task ID plus "+" or "-" number of days: 25+4 for example, or 23-3).
  6. Predecessor types can be specified by using the SS, SF, FS, or FF abbreviations (for example, 3SS+2). If no abbreviation is used, the predecessor will be treated as FS for a finish-to-start dependency.
  7. If you would like to identify Milestones to show up in your imported template, create milestone tasks and name them in ALL CAPS. If you would like a task named the same as the milestone, create the task immediately after the milestone task and name it in upper and lower case text.

Please see examples of the above in SAMPLE DATA tab on attached template.

Send your prepared Excel file to your Customer Success coach or to and we will take care of the rest!


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