Setting up accounting integration with Xero


March 18, 2020

At CoConstruct, we want to make it easy to set up accounting integration between your CoConstruct account and your Xero account. This article includes both a video walking you through the setup process, as well as step-by-step written directions to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Setting Up Xero Accounting Integration


This video will walk you through the main steps of the setup process. You can also review the written step-by-step directions below.

Step 1 - Link CoConstruct to Xero

First you will link your Xero account to your CoConstruct account within CoConstruct. You will need to be logged in as an admin user in CoConstruct to do this.

  1. From the Main Menu, go to Settings > Accounting.
  2. Select "Connect to Xero".
  3. Log in using your Xero login information in the pop up window.
  4. Xero will ask you to choose the company the you would like to link with CoConstruct. Please note that you can only link one company with CoConstruct.
  5. Click "Authorize" to finish linking your accounts and return to CoConstruct. You should see your Xero company name listed on the Accounting Integration page under "Accounting Software: Company."

Step 2 - Configure Accounting Integration Settings

There are a handful of accounting integration settings that you should configure while you're on the Accounting Integration page in CoConstruct.

Project Defaults

  1. Variations > Invoices - Sets your default for whether variations are set to automatically generate customer invoices in QuickBooks when change orders are approved in CoConstruct.  This setting can be changed on individual change order documents. 
  2. Client Payments - This sets the default for whether new projects that you create will pull payment information from Xero and put the information in the Payments Summary section on the Financials Summary page.


  1. What revenue account do you use for customer invoices? - This sets the revenue account assigned for recording the invoices that CoConstruct creates.
  2. Select an item code to be used on customer invoices - This sets the item code that will show up on the invoices that CoConstruct creates for each line item.

Step 3 - Link Projects

Now your account is fully linked, but you also need to link up individual projects to your accounting system. Note that this can only by done by admin users in CoConstruct.

  1. Go to the Start New Project or Edit Project Info page depending on whether you want to link a new or existing project. You'll see the option to link the project to Xero under a section heading of "Xero Integration."
  • To link new projects, navigate to the Main Menu > "+ New Project" button. Make sure you click to "show optional settings."
  • To link existing projects, go to the Main Menu > "i" info icon next to the project > Edit Project Setup.  You can also link multiple projects at once by going to your Main Menu > Settings > Accounting > Projects.
  • Click "Yes" to link this project.
  • Enter the Customer Name that your accounting system will use.
    • You can enter this information in CoConstruct to create the linkage either before or after setting the project up in Xero.
    • If you do it before, the customer will be created for you, but you'll need to go into Xero to enter additional information that CoConstruct doesn't know, like the customer's billing address.
    • If you do this after creating the project in Xero, CoConstruct will link to the existing customer or job rather than creating a new one as long as you make sure to enter the customer name exactly as it appears in Xero.
  • When you click to add or update the project, the project will be linked.
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