Who we are and how we got started

In 2004, Donny Wyatt, founder and CEO of CoConstruct, and his wife hired a custom home builder to create their new home. The process created such an endless, horrific mess, it moved Donny to vow that neither he nor his wife, nor anyone else he could help — builder and client alike — should have to suffer through such an ordeal.

Donny seized the opportunity to create a better process for custom home builders and remodelers to manage their projects. CoConstruct was the end result with the idea that it could end the chaos of project management and create rewarding experiences for builders and home buyers.

Donny Wyatt



You get us

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The minute you begin using CoConstruct, it will be as if you hired a personal business consultant to handle everything. From our award-winning customer success professionals to our innovative development and design team, each one is fully dedicated to helping you eliminate the chaos in your day-to-day management of your projects.

Our people understand the business and personalize the implementation on-boarding approach to meet your business needs.  We foster a community of builder connections and best practice learnings.

Great as all this sounds, we do admit that you’ll likely have one major regret about CoConstruct: “Why didn’t I get it earlier?”