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CoConstruct to Buildertrend:
The future of your business operations

We’ve built a dedicated team to help guide you as you transition your operations from CoConstruct to Buildertrend. Learn more about the migration journey and how you can take the next step for your company’s software solution.
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What to expect during migration to Buildertrend

Your success is our success. To ensure you have a smooth transition, we’ve developed an in-depth migration plan, and we’ll partner with you along the way. Take a look at the timeline you’ll follow for migration from day one to 91.

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Days 1-3
Discovery call

Your dedicated account manager will connect with you for a discovery call. During this call we’ll establish your goals, create your success plan and set immediate action items.

Days 3-7
Onboarding and data transfer

You're ready to attend your first onboarding session. While this is happening, our data entry specialists will format and upload your existing templates, customer contacts, trade partners and accounting codes.

Days 7-30
Implementation and training

With your success plan in place, your account manager will establish a cadence of weekly trainings. During this time, you’ll be directed to the learning resources in the Buildertrend Learning Academy, educational webinars and the Help Center. Utilizing these resources will ensure you get the most from your weekly live trainings.

Days 31-90
Ongoing training and support

Congratulations! Your team has started to implement Buildertrend procedures and features. Now it’s time to expand your skillset with your account manager. Dive into workflow specifics and continue your education through Buildertrend Learning Academy, weekly webinars and more.

Days 91+
New projects start in Buildertrend

All future projects will now be run through Buildertrend. Access to past and current CoConstruct projects will remain indefinitely.

CoConstruct to Buildertrend: projects & pricing

We understand that you’ve put a lot of work into your active projects, and we don't want to interfere. You’ll finish out projects in CoConstruct and retain access to historical data. After determining best fit, we’ll match you with an appropriate package and preferred customer pricing as you get started. Learn more about what to expect in the first three months and beyond.

Months 1-3:
Continue CoConstruct projects and current pricing
Wallet icon

Provide credit card verification in order to create a Buildertrend account. You won’t be charged at this point.

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Begin onboarding and training on Buildertrend with your account manager.

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Continue using CoConstruct for active projects to ensure each project is finished out cleanly with no data lost.

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Start to get on board with Buildertrend. Projects can still be added in CoConstruct, but we suggest beginning any new projects in Buildertrend.

Months 4+:
Move to Buildertrend platform and pricing
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Your account will update to the appropriate Buildertrend package, with preferred customer pricing to help you transition.

blocked off calendar icon

Once you fully commit and take advantage of the Buildertrend platform, new projects can no longer be added into CoConstruct.

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No project data will be lost. You’ll indefinitely have access to CoConstruct in order to see historical project information.

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The Buildertrend team is here for you throughout the migration process and beyond with unlimited technical support and training.

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CoConstruct and Buildertrend: Better together

Move forward to the future of your business operations and stay on the cutting edge of the construction industry with an evolving platform.

Journey through a process guided by a specialist who understands your current workflows in CoConstruct and how they translate to Buildertrend.

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Finish out your projects in CoConstruct and have indefinite access to historical project information.

Take advantage of the ongoing training and technical support to make the transition manageable and seamless.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Explore the future of your business

Our team will be with you step by step through the migration process. Once you connect with your customer migration manager, they’ll outline the process in depth and help you decide the best time for your business to make the transition.

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