Bill Management: Save time and streamline your billing process


Keeping up with project bills and receipts is a frustrating and time-consuming process for residential construction companies. Whether it’s receipts from Home Depot or electrician bills, contractors are constantly managing payables throughout the life of a project. Quickly processing those expenses, and knowing that your bills have been paid, allows them to get out of spreadsheets and back to helping their clients. With CoConstruct’s bill management, contractors can simplify their entire billing process to save time and reduce manual data entry.  

CoConstruct construction bills management feature screenshot

What’s included?

  • Dedicated bills inbox
  • SmartReader add-on to extract bill information
  • Account and project wide bills page
  • Ability to add files to bills

How does it work?

It all starts by receiving bills from team members, vendors, or trade partners in a dedicated inbox through a customizable email address. There, CoConstruct’s SmartReader will automatically scan email attachments and extract information such as date, vendor, amount, and quantity.  

Once bills are added to CoConstruct, contractors can see all their bills across all their projects on one online portal. They can also easily search through all their bills by date, project group, paid status, or trade partner to quickly find the right bill and ensure everything is approved and paid. Bills can then automatically be pushed to QuickBooks as they are approved or manually with the click of a button.

CoConstruct’s bill management also features an account level and project level bills view to stay organized and understand payment status on a granular and overarching level. Contractors can speed up their approval and verification process by attaching files directly to bills in the system.  

This feature is currently available on all CoConstruct Plus plans.

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