How One Massachusetts Builder Saved Valuable Time + Grew His Business

Case Study

John Canty of Canty Brothers Construction has been in business for 29 years in both the Central and MetroWest/Greater Boston area. John is a leader in high quality residential remodeling and new home construction, and his team at Canty Brothers is dedicated to customer satisfaction and exceptional service.

Managing Company Growth

In the beginning, he was a one-man shop, and he was solely in charge of all of the business operations. He said, “I did a lot of notepads, I did some Microsoft Project, and a lot of brainwork.” As the business grew, he knew there had to be a better way to manage his operations.

After searching the Internet for help, he bought CoConstruct. “I watched a couple of the webinars. It was a little overwhelming.” At first, he struggled to effectively implement many key features of the software. He said, “Honestly, for two years, we used it as a messaging board for our clients.” But he wanted to do more.

“Then I went to CoCon.” At CoCon in 2017, John saw the ways that other builders were benefiting from CoConstruct’s features and decided to fully implement the software into his operations. He jumped in and went to CoCamp with two of his team members the following month. “It took us a year to really get going. Every project got a little better than it was before.”

CoConstruct now plays an integral role in his business. “I don’t know what else you could do for that short of money that would give you the same result.” 

When asked about his favorite feature in CoConstruct, he said, “The single best thing about the purchase orders is the committed cost. The budget window in CoConstruct is unbelievable. It might be the greatest tool on CoConstruct.”

Saving Time with Specs & Selections 

For John, the Specs and Selections tool has saved him valuable time and peace of mind in the midst of numerous deadlines and projects. “Just get it done. Create a really good template.” He said, “I can go in and take my Specs and Selections, dump them down, change my quantities, and I get a pretty good idea.” When John presents to clients, he is confident in his estimates and knows the proposal inside and out.

He told us about a recent project when he used the tool to upsell a client. “I closed the deal $150,000 over their [original] budget.” With help from CoConstruct’s software, Canty Brothers can communicate clearly with clients and present thoughtful options for improvements and upgrades on their projects.

John’s passion for exceptional quality and customer service can be seen in his amazing projects portfolio.

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Canty Brothers Construction
Canty Brothers Construction
John Canty
Marlborough, MA

Company Stats
  • High-end Remodel + New Home Construction
  • Team of 12
  • Favorite tool in CoConstruct is Specs & Selections