Bills and Purchase Order Management

Experience easy-to-use functionality for your PO processing. Have your subs sign off on scope of work and payment terms online and track approvals, PO status and invoices.

  • Less lost payments with electronic bills and POs

  • More organized payments

  • More involved subs

Accurate Estimating

Construction estimating software makes it easy to build and send out customized estimates. You can create a cost catalog, have detailed line items visible to the customer and collect digital signatures.

  • Quicker and more accurate pricing

  • Project managers can get answers quickly

  • More closed jobs

Make Selections Easy

Selections are an exciting part of the process for your clients – and our construction tech keeps them involved. In our Selections tool, you can provide clients the ability to choose selections online, keep your clients aware of the project running total and get signatures electronically.

  • More transparency for clients

  • Jobs keep moving quickly

  • Easier to keep pricing and products updated

Improved efficiency with Sub Accounts

That’s right – our construction software is made for subcontractors, too. You can invite your trades to access Buildertrend for free. Share project-specific documents and your job schedule so they know when and where to show up.

  • Easier communication with subs

  • Fewer mistakes on job sites

  • More involved trade partners

Track Jobsite Activity & Progress

In our project planning software, you can document and share important information with your team, subcontractors and clients. Send notifications with updates, conveniently make notes with voice-to-text and automatically record weather updates.

  • More efficient projects

  • Easier to manage projects off the job site

  • Improved communication with all parties

Streamline Bidding

Our construction bidding software allows you to create, compare, send and store bid requests in one location. Notify subs via email, text and push notifications, set deadlines and accept bids and roll them into contracts with ease.

  • Easier communication with subs

  • More money saved with easy bid comparison

  • More timely responses

Effortless Proposals

Creating a proposal for your customer is the entry point to your sales process before you create a more detailed estimate. Construction management software allows you to build and deliver customized proposals, leading to more closed deals.

  • Saved time on creating proposals

  • More predictability for customers

  • More closed jobs

Track Change Orders & Expenses

Changes are going to happen. With Buildertrend’s construction software, you can create and manage change orders from the office or on the go with the mobile app. You can also streamline the process by getting approvals with electronic signatures and collecting payments online.

  • Convenience for your customers

  • Fewer lost payments on change orders

  • Easier way to track and document changes

Improve Client Communication

Manage emails, leave-job specific comments and control which content is viewable to subs and clients. With our construction tech, you can use your existing email account, receive notifications on your phone and keep all communication in one place.

  • Quick response time

  • More efficient job sites

  • One central location for messaging

Manage and Track Leads

Create, capture and close prospective projects with our lead tracker and lead activities tools. Gather leads from your website’s contact page, import existing leads from Excel and add leads on the go from the Buildertrend app.

  • More organized lead documentation

  • Faster sign-ups

  • Fewer lost jobs

  •  More focused lead dollars

Coordinate Schedules

Use the Schedule feature, the backbone of our platform, to keep all jobs on track. Make adjustments on the go and notify key parties in real time. Use multiple views including a Gantt chart, sync with your Google Calendar, iCal or Outlook and make quick adjustments by linking your schedule items.

  • More likely to keep projects on track

  • Easier to maintain timelines

  • More jobs completed with the ability to take on more work

Feed Information Hungry Clients

Deliver the best customer service to your clients by granting them direct access to their project. Give customers their own unique login, allow them to track progress on the build and send messages to them in the portal.

  • Customers have clear expectations

  • Your team builds trust with customers

  • Your company wins more jobs

Share Photos & Files

Online file sharing means eliminating unnecessary trips back to the office. Your team can access photo, video and document files at any time in our construction app. Take it a step further by organizing files in folders within each job and sharing files with multiple users.

  • Convenient access on the go

  • More organized file system

  • Shared progress photos keep clients in the know

  • Documents don’t get lost in your email

Keep Track of To-Do's

Create and assign tasks to your team and subs or set reminders for your clients. Add To-Do’s with voice-to-text, attach documents and photos and assign tasks to users and send automatic notifications.

  • More efficient jobs

  • More completed jobs

  • Enhanced communication with your team and subs

Simplify Timesheet Management

Need an easier way to track time for your office team and field crews? We can help. Clock in and out from the mobile app, see who’s clocked in or out at any time and view your crew member’s location on a map. You can also easily run payroll reports with our time tracking software.

  • Saved time on payroll reports

  • More accurate time tracking

  • Convenient time clock on the app

Enhance Communication with Email Marketing

Respond to leads quickly from your phone and put your best foot forward with professional quality email templates. You can send email blasts to potential clients, automate email campaigns and customize templates and messages.

  • Quick response time

  • Communication builds trust with leads

  • Saved time with automated campaigns

Budget & Forecast Project Costs

Rest assured knowing your labor costs, billing, POs and change orders are being tracked in real time. Track finances and make adjustments on the go, compare estimated versus actual costs and choose from several financial software integrations.

  • More likely to stay on budget

  • More informed decisions about whether to take on more jobs

  • More accurate budgets lead to fewer surprises

More Detailed Data

Buildertrend’s Work in Progress report can help you efficiently create the comprehensive reports you need to keep your projects in check. You can access data for profit margins and cost to complete and also get an at-a-glance view of over billings and under billings for your clients.

  • Quicker reporting saves you time

  • Easier way to track daily expenses

  • More accurate financials on individual jobs and across all jobs

Reduce Risk with Warranties

Our electronic warranty makes it simple to track claims, submit warranty issues and schedule appointments. Attach files to support your claim, send and receive automatic notifications and take advantage of custom reporting.

  • Easier way to track claims

  • Less stress knowing your company is protected

  • Quicker reporting saves you time

Quicker Online Payments

Get paid faster with our construction payment processing software. Accept online payments via check or credit card, and automatically update invoices in QuickBooks and Xero when a payment is received.

  • Secure payment processing

  • Quicker way to receive payments

  • Easier to track payment records

Invoice Your Clients

Generate line-item invoices from your estimate, change order or customer selection sheet. Our construction invoicing software allows you to accept online payments and set payment deadlines and reminders, so no money is left on the table.

  • Accurate financial records

  • More insight into cash flow

  • Transparent finances build trust with clients

  • Seamless integration with QuickBooks or Xero