Simple Bill Management

Stay organized by viewing, filtering, and interacting with all your bills in on centralized location. See all your bills across projects or all your bills on an individual project to approve, pay, delete, and push bills to QuickBooks.

CoConstruct Bills feature product screenshots
  • One Centralized Inbox: Create a customizable email address to send all your bills to a single inbox for review, approval, and payment.

  • Automatically Scan Receipts: As bills hit your inbox, they are automatically scanned by our SmartReader and details such as bill date, trade partner, line items, and amounts are extracted and added to your bill.

  • Approve and Push Bills: Make sure your project expenses are approved and paid. When you’ve verified the work has been completed, mark bills as approved and push them to QuickBooks.

  • See All Your Bills: See what you owe your electrician across all projects, or all your receipts from Home Depot. Push all approved bills to QuickBooks at once, without having to dive into each job separately.

Single Entry Estimating

Stop entering information from one estimating tool to another. Create your estimate, and automatically build your specs and selections at the same time – slashing one of the most time-intensive parts of taking on a new project, while cutting mistakes.

  • Enter it Only Once: CoConstruct’s QuickBooks integration ends the double-entry between systems and spreadsheets, by tying your estimate to your specs, selections, budget, and QuickBooks.

  • Be the First to Submit Your Bid: Create better estimates, faster, by using templates to build your estimate, including advanced configuration for profit, taxes, contingency, and more.

  • Boost Profits: Your estimate data flows to the budget, alongside your QuickBooks data, for showing actuals and projected cost-to-complete, so you can proactively manage your margins.

  • Save Time with Quick Editing: Make your updates faster with a keyboard-friendly design and the ability to edit cost items from both the estimate and the selection sheet.

Make Selections Easy

Get the right selection decision on time to keep you on schedule. With CoConstruct's selections software, you can keep the selections process simple, fun, and flexible for your clients...

  • Flexibility for Custom Projects: Bring order to the chaos of selections, but without stifling the creative flow.

  • Easy for You and Your Clients: Clearly present specs, pricing, and files in a way that your team and clients will understand.

  • Keep Clients On Track and On Time: Clients always know what selections come next, based on your schedule.

  • Save Time with Cross-feature Integration: Client selections immediately update the price, budget, and projected cost for both fixed-price and open-book projects.

Integrate with Your Accounting System

Finally, a construction accounting integration that makes life easier. Bring your systems together, stop mistakes, and save time by letting CoConstruct push and pull key information from your accounting system.

  • End Budget Double-entry: Always know your up-to-date spending and projected costs with automatic data pulls from QuickBooks.

  • Create Accurate Invoices: Always create clear, consistent client invoices by having CoConstruct transfer change order details and pricing for you.

  • Say NO to Hidden Fees: Unlike other systems, CoConstruct doesn’t charge you surprise “third party” fees for connecting to your accounting software.

  • Use the Software You Like: CoConstruct works worldwide with QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online.

Track Jobsite Activity & Progress

Know what happened in the field today. You can’t accurately schedule the future when you don’t know what happened in the past. CoConstruct keeps you in the know by making it easy for your field team to log what happened today.

  • Save Time in Production Meetings: Save valuable meeting time by viewing the daily history for one job or viewing everything that happened on a day across all of your projects.

  • Automatically Keep Clients Informed: Let your clients know about progress, with no extra effort, by choosing which log notes they can see.

  • Spot Trends Over Time: With custom flags, you can easily report on issues like late subs and missing orders to spot recurring issues on projects.

  • Quickly Enter Updates: Team members in the field can input log notes via the mobile app in seconds by typing or using voice-to-text.

Track Jobsite Activity

Streamline Bidding

Make the bidding process work for you - not the other way around. End-to-end integration makes detailed bid requests, trade partner communication, awards, and estimate updates fast and accurate.

  • Create Detailed Bid Requests in Minutes: Spec, selection, and estimate data flows right to your bids to create detailed, accurate requests without double-entry.

  • Slash Your Bidding Time: Stop sending mass email blasts and updates, since the plan room and email notices share your latest files and bid request details.

  • Stop Waiting on Your Trade Partners: With a single click, trade partners can tell you if they plan to bid, and they’ll get automatic reminders as the due date approaches.

  • Stop the Double-entry: Once you select a winner, CoConstruct’s full integration pushes your winning bid numbers right to your estimate.

Effortless Proposals

Give prospects their first – and best – proposal, built exactly the way you want it. With your data all in one place, CoConstruct helps you win more jobs by generating your proposal documents without endless copying-and-pasting between systems.

  • Win More Projects: Increase your win rate by being the first to submit your proposal, since the first to respond is more likely to land the job.

  • Wow Your Prospects: Impress your information-hungry prospects by giving them the most complete, detailed proposal among your competitors – with no extra effort from you.

  • Save Time Bidding Fewer Jobs: When you increase your lead-to-sales conversion rate, you save time by selling the same (or more) with less effort.

Track Change Orders & Expenses

Change order and expense tracking software helps show clients where things stand - and ensures you get paid. Change orders should bring you profits – not headaches. Easily create and approve change orders online, and then automatically generate accurate invoices in QuickBooks upon approval.

  • Painlessly Create Change Orders: Turn selection overages into change orders or create new ones from scratch with a few clicks.

  • Get Sign-offs Easily: Secure, online signoffs for clients keeps your project moving forward.

  • Manage Fixed-price and Open-book Jobs: Regardless of your project’s financial structure, clients see exactly where they stand.

Improve Client Communication

Stop jumbled emails and find all of your project communication in seconds. Kiss the “he said, she said” goodbye and stop losing money from poor documentation by having all of your team, client, and trade partner communications tracked with our patent-pending construction communication software.

  • Get the Best: CoConstruct’s communication features are so good, and so unique, they’re patent pending. You simply cannot get these features anywhere else.

  • Keep Everything in One Place: Whether via web, mobile, email, or text, and whether from your team, clients, or trade partners, you can see all of the communications about a particular topic on one screen.

  • Stop Being a Marriage Counselor: CoConstruct keeps your clients on the same page with each other, so you can stay out of the “my wife told you what?!?!” discussions.

  • Track with No Extra Effort: CoConstruct captures communications automatically about a topic, even if you’re just replying via a “normal” email.

Manage and Track Leads

Keep your sales pipeline full with lead management. CoConstruct helps you grow your business by giving your team straightforward lead management, combined with a single task list for your day, which helps you track your leads and follow up in a timely manner – even when your plate is full.

  • Find Everything in One Spot: Track all of your contact details, activity history, and upcoming tasks for your leads and contacts in a single place.

  • Focus On Hot Prospects: Set your own categories and scores to focus on your hottest leads first.

  • Don’t Forget Your Sales Tasks: Integrated task lists show you everything you need to do today, whether for leads, field tasks, or other admin items.

  • Unlimited Projects: Use your unlimited projects to show prospects the power of CoConstruct to help close more deals.

Coordinate Schedules with Field & Office

Get more done, on more projects, more easily. Make schedules work for you, and not the other way around. Save phone time, prevent unpleasant surprises, and cut your completion times with construction scheduling software you’ll actually use. Our widely supported iCal integration allows you to access CoConstruct information from Outlook, Google Calendar, Outlook 365, Yahoo, macOS/iOS calendars, and many more.

  • Run Your Company, Not Just a Project: Manage all of the activities, on all of your projects, company-wide, with drag-and-drop simplicity.

  • Create Accountability: Alerts and reminders to your team and trade partners keeps them on track by making their lives easier, too.

  • Adjust Quickly: Shifting a task updates your others automatically, and the baseline view shows you those changes over time.

  • Get Started Fast: Use our schedule templates, copy one from a project, have us copy one from a friend already on CoConstruct, build your own, or have us import one from another system.

Feed Information-Hungry Clients

“If the clients ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” Keep the joy in your business by serving happy clients who get the information they want, who have an experience they’ll love, and who catch the irresistible urge to refer others.

CoConstruct communication software feature screenshots
  • Give Clients What They Want: Organized, 24/7 access to selections, costs, photos, conversations, and more keeps clients happy and your phone quiet.

  • Get Better Decisions: Informed clients make better decisions when they can get to information in an easy-to-use format from any device.

  • Make it Easy to Refer: Clients can automatically share progress photos on Facebook, and your branded mobile app is sure to impress their friends.

Share Photos & Files

Get the right info, to the right people, with file & photo sharing. Whether you need to get progress photos from the field to your client or to retrieve the latest plan revision from the architect, CoConstruct brings it all into one spot to access from your computer, phone, or tablet.

  • Stay Organized: Attach files to selections, change orders, and more to keep information in the right place.

  • Keep Your Data Safe: Choose which files are shared with clients, trade partners, or just your own team.

  • Get What You Need from Anywhere: View files and upload photos on-the-go with mobile apps.

  • Share on Facebook: Generate more leads when clients automatically share progress photos with friends, complete with your company’s name on the album.

Share Photos and Files

Keep Track of To-Dos

Never let your to-dos fall through the cracks. CoConstruct keeps little glitches from blowing up into big problems with drop-dead simple to-do lists from your computer, phone, and tablet.

  • Get All of Your Tasks on ONE List: All In One Place: All of your action items go in one place, so you don’t have to manage different systems for to-dos vs. your schedules.

  • Add and Manage Items from Anywhere: Whether from multiple places in the website or a finger tap away on the mobile apps, add to-dos as you see them, including with photos.

  • Create Accountability with Reports: Notifications to team members and trade partners, plus advanced reporting, keeps you – and them – on top of open items.

Simplify Timesheet Management

Stop headaches for your field team and bookkeeper by bringing timesheet and other project data into a single app. Endless spreadsheets. “Oh, I’ll just write down 7 AM for my start time this morning.” Frantic calls from the bookkeeper to get payroll done on time. Solve it all with our mobile and web, GPS enabled time clock.

  • Know What Your People Are Doing, and Where: At a glance, see everyone who is clocked in, where they clocked in, and their activity with our built-in time clock feature.

  • Get Brownie Points with Your Field Team: Make life easier for your team members with quick clock-in/clock-out from web or mobile without extra apps or spreadsheets.

  • Save on Payroll: Pay for the time team members actually log, not what they “remember” to write on their timesheets.

  • Keep Your Bookkeeper Sane: Real-time reporting, filtering, and exporting makes timesheet management easy.

Customized Branding

Stand apart from your competitors and increase your sales conversions. When your competitors all have great photos and testimonials, how do you stand apart? You need to prove to skeptical prospects how you’re better – and CoConstruct gives you tools to do it.

Custom Branding
  • Demonstrate You’re Better: Talk is cheap, but with a clean, easy-to-use system to show prospects, you have the proof to stand out from your competition.

  • Make it Hard for Prospects to Go Elsewhere: Add stickiness to your sales process by adding your serious prospects to a project in the system, for free, for as long as you need.

  • Make It Your System: CoConstruct can carry your branding so you show off YOUR system — not ours.

Budget & Forecast Project Costs

Graduate from the time-sucking, manual updates of budget spreadsheets. Protect your margins and easily run both open-book and fixed-price projects — without time-sucking budget reconciliations and client sharing headaches.

  • Kill Two Birds with One Stone: Setting up your specs and selections automatically builds the cost codes and values for your budget.

  • Stop Reconciling Selections to Budgets: Your budget updates itself as clients make selections on the selection sheet.

  • Always Know the Latest Projected Cost: See the latest projected project cost based on real-time data from budgets, revised budgets, and actuals, all without spreadsheets or manual number-crunching.

  • Share Open-book Projects: Show your budget to clients on open-book projects online and stop spending hours compiling cost spreadsheets every week.

CoConstruct accounting integration software feature screenshots

Run Your Projects From Anywhere

Your own mobile app provides anywhere access to your team, clients, and trade partners. How would having your own mobile app help impress your prospects? How would quick access to schedules, to-dos, communication, and more help speed along your day? With CoConstruct, you’ll know.

  • Manage On The Go: Add to-dos, clock in, shift schedules, check selections, add comments, and more on the go.

  • No More Miscommunication: Your team, clients, and trade partners have access to the relevant conversations, pictures, and more from anywhere.

  • Speed for Them. Control For You: With push notifications to provide real-time updates, but the ability for you to silence your messages to review later, your clients feel connected without you having to be.

  • Use Multiple Devices: Available on iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android devices

Finish Strong with Punch List & Warranty Requests

Leave a great last impression on clients with a strong punch list & warranty request process. When you’re focused on the next project to start, how do you make sure you don’t anger your past clients with outstanding warranty requests? CoConstruct won’t let you – or your trade partners – forget.

  • Easily Communicate with Subcontractors: Choose to loop your clients and subs into the same conversation so they can set appointment times, but you still see the communication thread.

  • Don't Drop the Ball: Reminders and reports for your team and trade partners ensure you don’t forget to take care of lingering items.

  • Verify Client Satisfaction: Once you mark an item as complete, clients can confirm, so you avoid referral-killing misunderstandings.

Warranty Request

Control Costs with Purchase Orders

With CoConstruct, POs are convenient for you AND for your trade partners. Establish firm commitments with subs and vendors using CoConstruct’s Purchase Order feature.

  • Less paperwork, not more: Create a full PO from line items on your estimates, from bid requests, or enter one-off items as needed, without ever having to enter data twice

  • Convenient Sign-off for Trade Partners: Trade partners can see notifications, send messages, and give secure approval on POs over email, without the hassle of logins — so everyone benefits without needing a computer science degree!

  • Greater financial control: Committed costs from approved POs automatically show in your budget, updates the forecasted cost to complete, and tracks against your actual bills to date.

  • Integration with QuickBooks: As you mark work as verified, CoConstruct pushes the right information to QuickBooks to create bills for completed POs, eliminating double entry and making life easier for your bookkeeper.

Invoice Your Clients

Fast, accurate, professional invoices that get you paid on time. Easily generate invoices based on either budget actuals or a percentage of an estimate.

  • Invoice from budget actuals: Progress invoice in a flash from the actual costs within a budget in CoConstruct.

  • Invoice a percentage of your estimate: Simply enter a percentage complete for each accounting code on your budget and let CoConstruct calculate the correct amount for the current billing period.

  • Email invoices to your clients: With a click, you can email detailed invoices to your clients straight from CoConstruct. Without even logging in, your clients have everything they need to pay you on time.

  • Automatically sync with QuickBooks: Invoices will automatically sync with QuickBooks – on both desktop or online. So your folks in the office can keep track of your payments in QuickBooks like they’re already doing, and once an invoice is paid in QuickBooks, it’ll be marked as paid in CoConstruct.

Upload & View 360-Degree Photos

Communicate more detail than ever in a fraction of the time.

  • Communicate More in Less Time: Do you find yourself taking hundreds of pictures between rough-in and drywall to make sure you record every inch of your project? Now there’s a much better (and faster!) way.

  • Document an Entire Room in One Photo: With a single *snap* you can document every floor, wall, ceiling, outlet, and light – and then move on!

  • Share Interactive Progress Photos: Have remote clients who are anxious to see progress photos of their home? A 360 photo lets them see the whole room as if they were there!

  • Win More Prospects with Virtual Tours: Want to impress a prospect? Drop your phone into a virtual reality headset and let them “look around” that dream kitchen you built as if it were already theirs.