How To Get Your Clients To Love Your New Construction Software

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Hopefully you got a chance to use CoConstruct as a selling and differentiating tool to your clients before they signed their contract. But if you didn’t, there is still plenty of time and reasons to empower your clients to use (and love) your construction software. Similar to getting your team to buy-in to your software, getting your clients to get the most out of your software comes down to framing the problem and solution. 

Your clients want to be a part of the building process. They want to know what’s going on, make design decisions, and know what everything costs. Unfortunately they also have a lot going on and don’t have the time to be on the jobsite seven days a week pouring over receipts. Without working with a builder or remodeling who uses construction management software, clients struggle to stay organized, keep up with decisions, and have a handle on their project costs. This leads to a more stressful experience for clients, but there is a better way, working with you and with CoConstruct. Position CoConstruct as the liferaft to keep your clients afloat the waters of inbox overload and project management chaos. As a way to enjoy the building process instead of not being able to wait for it to be over.

Here are some ways to help position CoConstruct to your clients to get them to love your project management software.

Stay in the know

Clients want to know what’s going on with their investment and feel like they are a part of the project. Showcasing CoConstruct’s client portal as a one-stop-shop for project information means clients can always login to get the latest updates on their projects. Whether it’s reading the latest job log, or seeing the project progress through the project schedule, clients can have easy access to project information without having to ask you to put anything together. You, in turn, save time because all the information flowing to your clients is information you have already put into CoConstruct and already checked off as details that are greenlit to be communicated with your clients.

See their dream build come to life

Part of clients wanting to stay in the know includes seeing their project come together in real-time. Show your clients how they can see progress photos from the jobsite in the client portal and even be alerted when new photos are uploaded to see the latest pictures of their project. Inside the client portal clients can also easily sort through and make selections decisions to truly customize their project to meet their exact vision. Showcasing this functionality to your clients will help them understand how CoConstruct can reduce the stress of decision overload and take the guesswork out of wondering if everything will come together as a coherent final project. This also makes your job easier with less frantic phone calls or panicked emails asking for the latest updates.

Stay organized

Clients want to be involved in their project without emails, calls, and text messages inundating their inboxes. This balancing act of keeping clients informed and engaged without overwhelming them can quickly turn into a frustrating experience for everyone involved. To alleviate these concerns, show your clients how CoConstruct centralizes and organizes all communication for a streamlined experience. Clients can leave comments in the client portal on specific items or by replying to email updates to keep communications pertaining to related items together. This reduces the need for both you and clients to sort through email or text messages for the latest information. Clients can also customize their settings to receive instant alert notifications, highlight comments, messages, questions, selection choices, photos, and more, as well as email summaries sent either daily or weekly to outline the latest project updates. This flexibility gives clients the ability to get the amount or type of information they want when they want it without being overwhelmed.

Understand their costs

No matter how large or small your project is, your clients want to know where their money is going and what their total cost is. Showcase how the financial summary in the client portal allows your clients to clearly see a high-level view of costs by project categories with the ability to expand sections for more information. Clients can also clearly see the financial impact of selections decisions on their overall project cost, and use the payment summary to see at a glance upcoming payments and payments made to date.

Do your clients need to know all these details? You may have some clients who sign the checks, show up at walkthrough, pick up the keys, and are on their way. But more likely you will have clients that have a variety of different interests or priorities. Showcasing CoConstruct as your company’s way to address the individual needs of your clients will differentiate you from the competition and lead to a better building experience for everyone involved, including you.

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