Jobsite logs in residential construction


What is a jobsite log?

Businesses use project logs to record and document daily or weekly activity related to the project scope and details. These logs provide a historical record of observations, issues, delays, personnel, and any outside visitors with the goal of maintaining a paper trail.

Builders and remodelers use jobsite logs to keep a record of jobsite progress, weather, setbacks, updates, and issues. These records help building companies to regularly alert clients and maintain official documentation over the course of a project.

Why are jobsite logs important in residential construction?

In residential construction, builders and remodelers are constantly responding and adjusting to developing situations on their job sites. Every building company, especially those doing higher volume, needs a way to document problems, obstacles, and updates from every active project. If left undocumented, building firms risk uncomfortable questions from clients or other stakeholders about project progress. When project managers frequently use a jobsite log, business owners can be sure that all the small details of every project are accounted for. Jobsite logs help builders hold employees accountable, stay updated on scheduling delays, and manage day to day activities from anywhere in the field. A job log a day has the power to keep the client away with its ability to inform them of progress, especially when clients live any distance from the jobsite.

How do builders + remodelers use jobsite logs?

Builders + remodelers use jobsite logs to stay in tune with everyday details on all their active projects. Depending on the size of the building company, it’s not realistic for a builder to visit every active project every day. This is why jobsite logs are helpful to implement for documentation and recording.

Builders + remodelers use jobsite logs to record important daily, weekly, or regular details about projects for official record. These records can include:

  • Visitors: Who visited the site that day? Document visits from inspectors and clients to track who’s been on site.
  • Incidents: Did anyone get injured on the jobsite? These details are imperative for reporting.
  • Delays: How did weather, trade partner work (or the lack of it), or other site conditions impact the project schedule? 
  • Deliveries: What materials were delivered? What condition were they in? Did the delivery meet expectations, and if not what future actions will be taken?
  • Trade Partner & Employee Work:  Who reported on site today for work? What work was accomplished? How did the completed work meet the expected project timeline?

Practically, how do building companies set up a jobsite log system? There are a few different approaches builders + remodelers consider when implementing a jobsite log.

1. Manual Methods

The ever traditional pen and paper keeps record keeping easy and quick. Even if just a simple checklist that sits on the jobsite, these methods transcend any technological barriers. While convenient, these methods don’t make it easy for business owners or clients to track down vital information and stay informed. These pieces of paper require careful tracking and transportation from jobsite to office, in order for building staff to digitize and store. 

2. Software for Jobsite Logs

There are plenty of project management software services available to help business owners of any industry record vital details and keep their teams on track. These services include programs like and Slack. Other programs, like GoCanvas, are specifically designed for builders + remodelers. The GoCanvas software helps building companies reduce the amount of paperwork, track jobs and expenses, and even lets project managers upload photos from the job site for reference. Going digital benefits the building team but often leaves out the client and disconnects from other project details.

3. Integrated Construction Management Tools

Integrated construction management programs also offer efficient systems for writing and sending jobsite logs to team members and clients. A cloud-based construction management software, such as CoConstruct, allows builders + remodelers to stay in touch with every element of their company. CoConstruct holds a building company’s financial, scheduling, and communication system in one place online. The software includes a Job Log that team members use for recording and documenting information from active projects. The Job Log can be updated from anywhere in the field on any personal device. This means a project manager can update a business owner in seconds by snapping a photo, typing some notes, and sending a message through CoConstruct’s software.

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