Schedule templates in residential construction


What is a schedule template?

A scheduling template is a master workflow that captures all the tasks needed to complete a project. Creating a schedule template creates a plan that can be easily replicated for future projects and edited to capture additional tasks as needed.  

Why are scheduling templates important in residential construction?

Instead of having to start from scratch for each project a template allows builders and remodelers to start with an easy-to-follow guide. Builders and remodelers save time and move forward with projects more efficiently by storing master schedule workflows as templates. 

How do builders + remodelers manage scheduling templates? 

  1. Manual Methods 

Using a previous schedule, builders or remodelers can replicate their task list and update start and finish dates for their next project. Manually updating all aspects of a previous schedule means builders and remodelers aren’t reinventing the wheel every project, but this process is still very time-intensive and error-prone. 

  1. Using Excel or online calendars 

Some builders download a template or use excel spreadsheet formulas to map out project schedules, including incorporating lead and lag times. Even with the help of calendar automation helping track task dependencies and predecessors, communicating schedule changes between team members and clients can be tedious. 

  1.  Integrated Construction Management Tools

An integrated construction management tool allows builders and remodelers to track project financials, communicate with their teams and subcontractors, and build schedules all in one program. These tools are a step above generic project management and communication software. Most integrated construction management tools provide scheduling templates and allow builders and remodelers to save the templates to use in the future. Using a tool like CoConstruct provides a formula to measure both lead and lag time.

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