How can I control the order of specs & selections?

How can I control the order of specs & selections?

Megan Sullivan

Organization is an important key to success, right? That's why keeping your selection items ordered in a logical manner will help your clients and team as they work through the selections process.

By default, the categories on the Specs & Selections page or template sort alphabetically, as do the items within each category. That's often fine, but if you need things to appear in a specific order, you can lead off with numbers on the category and spec/selection names. The system will then sort by those, giving you precise control over the display order.

Or, if you break things down by room within a given category, starting each item with the room name (like "Master Bath - Tub Faucet" and "Master Bath - Shower head"), will keep the items for each room grouped together.

Need some ideas for how to sort your items and what numbers to use? How about the CSI Master Format Division Codes? Or the NAHB standard chart of accounts? Or the budget codes from your estimating software? You can also make up your own, often paralleling the order in which decisions need to be made.

If you do use numbers in the titles, here's one more trick for you...for 1-9, write them as 01, 02, 03, etc. Because the system shows them alphabetically (and 0 comes before 1), using the leading 0 will make sure everything sorts the right way.