How can I utilize the comment sections for 3-way communication between my team, trade partners and clients?

Kevin Fitzpatrick

She was the sweetest client, but she was blind as a bat...

Despite spending time studying the color samples, Mrs. Berry managed to pick out a shade of "baby poop brown" for her home's exterior.

After the first coat was completed, the homeowner knew something was not right. Even her vision problems could not hide her home's hideous exterior.

It's just the kind of situation that lands in your lap at just the wrong time.

And this is based on a true story. This kind of crap (pun intended) really does happen.

Fortunately, CoConstruct's 3-way communication capabilities make it easy to track the conversation and involve the right people.

Here's how it plays out on the comments page on the Exterior Painting item. Start at the bottom at work your way up. If it's a little too small for you to read in this email, just click the image to see a bigger version.


The builder gets to see everything, tracked in one spot, but the client doesn't see the painter's comments and vice versa. Of course, the builder could have opened up 3-way conversation, too. Had this been a cost-plus project, that would have made sense, since the client would see the actual cost, anyway.

And this isn't just for selections. Don't forget that you have comments on to-do and warranty items, plus client-free conversations on the schedule, purchase orders and bids.

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