Payment Fees & Transaction Times

Payment Fees & Transaction Times

Megan Sullivan


CoConstruct electronic payments optimize for ACH bank transfers and credit card transactions on client invoices.  See below for the fees applied:

  • ACH Bank Transfers
    • 0.50% fee
    • $1.99 minimum
    • $15.00 maximum
  • Credit Cards
    • 2.95% fee
    • +$0.30 per transaction



Get paid quicker than ever by leveraging CoConstruct electronic payments.  Eliminate the time it takes to get paid between requesting payment and receiving the "check" by leveraging these payments.

Your First Payment

After your very first client payment is submitted, your account undergoes a final verification review period of 7-14 business days.  As a result the very first payment made via CoConstruct will take up to 7 business days to fully process.  Your bank can sometimes take 1-2 additional business days.

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Transactions made during the first 2 weeks of your use of Stripe are limited to the following:

  • $500,000 per ACH transaction
  • $3M per week in ACH transactions
  • No credit card limits

All Following Payments

Expect credit card payments to clear in 1-2 business days and ACH payments to clear in 5-7 business days.  There are no transaction limits following the initial review.