Using markup values from the project vs. from a template

Using markup values from the project vs. from a template

Kevin Fitzpatrick

When you are copying selection items from a selection template, you may see an option asking about markup if you are tracking the budget for your project.

On projects where you're tracking the budget, all of the financial details that have been built into your template will copy down when you proceed, but this option will let you decide how to handle the markup percentages.

You can choose to use the markup values from your current project's default markup configuration, or use the markup values that are built into the selection template.


Project Config

If you select the option to use the "Project Config", all of your financial details on your selection template other than the markup will be copied to your project.

This includes your base costs for each selection and specification and any cost lines that you've set up.

The markup that will be added on top of those base costs will be determined by your project's default markup configuration, which you can find by going to the Estimate page > "% Markup, Margin & Tax."


Selection Template

Each of your Selection Templates can have its own markup configuration. If the markup configuration for that template is compatible with your project's configuration, you will be able to choose whether you'd like to use the markup values that were set up on the template.

What needs to happen in order for your template's configuration to be compatible with the project?

Your project needs to have the same markup columns configured as those on your template. So, if you have a "Taxes" markup calculation on your template that doesn't exist on your project, then there is no place on your project to add the corresponding "Taxes" markup values.

The markup columns need to have the same names, calculation types ("Ext Cost (Markup)", "Ext Cost + above Markups", or "Item Total (Margin)") and be in the same order, but the default percentages do not matter.

A note on showing/hiding markup in client allowances on fixed price projects: If your template has markups configured to "Show in Client Allowances," but the project configuration does not, then you will still be able to choose between the template vs. the project configuration, but the project's settings for "Show in Client Allowances" will take precedence over the template's option.

If your selection template's markup is not compatible with your project, you will not be able to use the template markup.

There are two ways to proceed if the markup on your template is not compatible:

Option 1: Proceed with the copying process, adjust markups later

  1. Proceed with the copying process, knowing that all of those selections will adopt the default markup from your project.
  2. Once all the items have been copied down, head to the Estimate tab of the Financials page and update the markup individually for each line.

Option 2: Update your project's default markup configuration before copying

Note that this option requires you to change your project's markup configuration before copying items from your template.

Changing your project's markup configuration can result in changes to the pricing your clients see on their Selection Sheet, so this option is preferred for brand new projects where you are setting up your selections for the first time.

  1. Cancel out of the "Copy from Template" prompt
  2. Go to your project's markup configuration (Estimate "% Markup, Margin & Tax" button)
  3. Update your markup columns here to the same markups that your template includes.