Using the Other Line Items


January 16, 2020

It's highly recommend to build your financials through selections and specifications to help keep your estimate fully integrated with the scope presented on the Specs & Selections and maintain accountability for all of the project costs, there may be things that you don't want to share with the clients.

You can enter those items in the "Other Line Items" section at the bottom of the estimate, using the  icon for that section.


This "Other Line Items" section gives you a great way to price out details that you don't want to add to the Specs & Selections, and everything you enter here will still be part of your total project price and ongoing budget. 

Similar to the other project costs, costs entered in the "Other Line Items" will appear in the Financials > Budget according to the accounting code set for the cost.

Note: Any estimate information that you import with the "Import" option on the Estimate tab will be automatically loaded into this "Other Line Items" section. If you have a number of cost lines that you want to add to the estimate, the import option will save you time.

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