What are the two selection choice types?

What are the two selection choice types?

Megan Sullivan

Co-construct gives you two different ways to let your clients respond to a selection item:

Open-Ended Choice

Choice to be entered by client – This gives your clients the ability to enter an open-ended response. When your clients, or you, go to make a choice, you will have a text box where you can simply type in the selection choice. This is commonly used when there are a large number of options available, such as paint color or stone for a fireplace surround. If you have a selection that may eventually have specific options, but which have not been defined yet, you can always choose this method and change it later. In many cases, your price will be “to be determined” (TBD) until the client enters a specific choice. At that point, you would update the selection with the exact price.

Predefined Choices

Client chooses from predefined options – This allows you to give a specific list of choices to your clients, from which they can choose one. It is not possible to choose multiple items from the list. If you need to do that, consider breaking the options apart into separate selection items or using an open-ended choice instead. While this is commonly used by production-style builders, it also applies to custom builders. Many contractors have a standard spec included on the project. If the client requests quotes on upgrades, you can simply come back and add in those additional options.