What is the difference between the Specification, Client, and Trade Partner Info boxes?

What is the difference between the Specification, Client, and Trade Partner Info boxes?

Megan Sullivan

There are two main things to keep in mind as you decide how to use the Specification, Client Information, and Trade Partner Information boxes on the Specs & Selections.

#1 - Visibility

Different people will be able to see different information, depending on where you place your information:

  • Specifications - Builders, Clients, and Trade Partners will see this.  This information will carry over to your proposal, bid requests and purchase orders.
  • Client Information - Builders and Clients will see this. Trade Partners will not.  This information can be included on proposals if needed.
  • Trade Partner Information - Builders and Trade Partners will see this. Clients will not.  This information will populate on bid requests and purchase orders.

#2 - Types of information

  • Specifications - Just like it sounds, anything that you may be writing in specifications in your contracts or purchase orders can go here. This is often the technical building information that applies to the spec or selection item. 

    Example: Clopay Gallery Series Double Layer Insulated Garage Doors. Single Car Door: 9' X 8'. Double Car Door: 18' X 8'. 

  • Client Information - Use this section to inform clients of exactly what details you need them to enter on an open-ended choice or additional guidance on considerations to make when choosing a predefined option. If you send them to vendors to make a selection, put the vendor details here. If you have other advice to pass along, this is the spot for that, too.

    Example: Ferguson is our preferred vendor (ask for Jane), but we can work with other local showrooms. Map to Ferguson: www.ferguson.com/static.pl?S=locations_directions&loc_id=279.

  • Trade Partner Information - This is the spot for any details that are only relevant to your trade partners, such as install details or exclusions that need to be made explicit to them.

    Example: Entry door window to be rectangle with grille, long grooved panel. No exterior hardware.