Controlling the Order of Images on Specs & Selections

Controlling the Order of Images on Specs & Selections

Megan Sullivan

Attaching photos and important documentation to specific scope of work on the project benefits your team and your client(s).  Since the Specs & Selections page offers the "bread and butter" of the project for anyone involved in the project, consider attaching appropriate visuals and files to specific items on this page.  Have common visuals and documents no matter the project?  Attach these files to your Specs/Selections template(s) and see the information flow down where needed.

Any files added to Specification or Selection items prioritize photos/images first followed by any files.  Simply upload the relevant files and photos directly to the item and see them sort automatically.

Looking to list photos and files in a certain order on the item?  Note that CoConstruct will auto sort your files and photos alphanumerically.  Consider how you describe and name your documents to ensure the proper order.

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