Creating invoices from change orders

Creating invoices from change orders

Megan Sullivan

***Supported Versions of Accounting Software***

With CoConstruct linked to your accounting system, you can generate invoices automatically from any fully-approved change orders or variations. This video will walk you through the process. You can also review the written step-by-step directions below.



First set up the appropriate invoicing options under Settings > Accounting. This includes your default setting for whether to create invoices as well as the item code and other accounts that should show up on the invoices that CoConstruct creates.

When you create a new change order or variation on a project that's linked to your accounting software, you'll see an additional option in the Payment section to sync the document to your accounting software upon approval.

  • When the Change Order > Invoices default setting is on the Accounting Integration page, this checkbox will be automatically checked for new change orders.
  • You can always override that setting to turn invoice syncing on or off when you create the change order.
  • If you have existing change orders in draft status, you'll see this option when you edit that document as well.
  • Note that if your change order is for a negative or $0 amount, we'll still create your change order in CoConstruct, but we can't automatically create an invoice in your accounting software. You'll see a warning if you try to sync one of these approval documents with your accounting system.

After the change order is fully approved by all the required builders and clients, an invoice will be generated in your accounting system.

  • For QuickBooks Online, this will happen within seconds. The status of your change order will change to show the invoice number that your accounting software used for this invoice.
  • For QuickBooks Desktop, Web Connector will need to run before the invoice will appear in QuickBooks. The status of your change order will change to show the invoice number. In this case, CoConstruct specifies the invoice number that QuickBooks will use when your invoice is generated after Web Connector runs.
  • Unless you've already marked the change order as "paid" or "in loan," the status will also change to "Approved - Billed."

If you already have existing fully-approved change order, you'll see the option to send those change orders to your accounting software as well by viewing the document in CoConstruct. The same restrictions on negative or $0 amount invoices apply to these approval documents as well.

That's all there is to it. If you have any problems with invoices not showing up, try the following:

  • Check to make sure that the customer and/or job name that you used in CoConstruct to link the project matches the customer and/or job name that you use in your accounting software.
  • If you are using QuickBooks Desktop, check to make sure that Web Connector has run recently without error messages. You can also do a manual sync to be safe.
  • Using QuickBooks?  Make sure the default "Item code to be used on customer invoices" in your Accounting Settings has a product/service or item AND an income account.