Job Log overview

Job Log overview

Megan Sullivan


You can’t accurately schedule the future when you don’t know what happened in the past. CoConstruct keeps you in the know by making it easy for your field team to log what happened today.

More Efficient Management: Know what’s going on across your company, at a glance using the Job Log Summary report.

Legal Security: Have rock solid proof for weather (and other delays) that are out of your control.

Happier Clients: Keep clients excited and informed with no extra work.

Happier Field Crew: Especially if your field team is using CoConstruct’s time clock to track their hours, they can handle the Job Log without having to juggle a second app.

Entering Job Log information

You can get started with creating a new job log entry from the website or mobile app with the following steps:


  1. After you click into any project, navigate to the Job Log page
  2. Click "Add"
  3. Select a date

Mobile app

  1. In the "Projects" tab of the app, select your project
  2. Tap on "Job Log"
  3. Select "Add Job Log Entry" or "+" icon in the upper right

If a log for the day has already been started, you can click on the entry date from the main Job Log page to edit the existing log.

When creating or editing a job log, you can add notes about the day's work, flags for important events from the day, and record the day's weather.

Each piece of information will record the details for who entered what information and when.

What are the components of a job log entry?

Each job log may include the following details:


Automatically capture project-specific details on daily conditions that provide context for the day's notes and flags, recording the prevailing conditions and high/low temperatures.

Click here for more information on tracking weather in the Job Log.


Keep track of important events and spot trends over time by adding flags to your job log entries.

Each day can have as many flags as you wish, and you can completely customize your account's flags if you want to track custom details as well.

Flags not only give you an at-a-glance view of critical events at the jobsite, but also let you filter your historical job logs. You can filter each project's Job Log by flags, or head to Reports > Job Log from the main menu to see which flags are the most common over time.

Click here for more information about how to add or edit Job Log flags.

You can also get creative with job log flags to track custom information. Click here to learn more.


Job Log notes let you capture relevant information from your team. Employees can quickly enter their updates from the field on the mobile app, either by typing or through voice-to-text. Office employees can also leverage the website for adding notes.

Keep a history for each project of the day's trade work, employee work, visitors, deliveries, incidents/injuries, issues/delays, and upcoming activities.

You can also automatically keep your clients informed about progress on the jobsite by choosing which log notes they can see.

Click here to learn more about adding Job Log notes.


You and your team can easily attach photos directly to your Job Log entries, whether on the website or the mobile app. A picture is worth a thousand words, so your team can save time in the field by leveraging these photo attachment alongside any important notes in the Job Log.

Snap a progress pic from the mobile app, mark it up, add a description, and save. These can even be shared with the client to keep them informed of key progress.

Click here to learn more about uploading photos to the Job Log.

Controlling edits and visibility

The Job Log includes several ways for you to control or limit access:

  • Any builder user on your team with access to the project will be able to view the information on the Job Log.
  • Any builder who adds a Job Log note can edit his or her own note if it was entered in error.
  • An admin user on your account can edit or delete any Job Log notes.
  • Clients will only see the details you choose to share with them. Click here to learn about what clients see or click here to leverage Job Log sharing to create champion clients.
  • Trade partners do not have access to the Job Log, but you can still share Job Log photos with them from the Photos page.