Default File and Photo Sharing

Default File and Photo Sharing

Amber Harlow

The default setting for CoConstruct is to automatically share files and photos with clients.

To adjust the default settings, go to your Settings > Account > Files and Photos:

Here you can adjust whether files and photos uploaded to the system are automatically marked to share with clients, trade partners or neither.  Files and Photos will always be shared with your team members who have access to the project.

You can always adjust share settings on individual files and photos that are uploaded through the site or mobile app.  

Uploading to the Files and Photos Page

When uploading directly to the files and photos page, you'll see the sharing options here:

Uploading Attachments to Other Items

When uploading files and photos to other items in the system, look for the Visibility settings to adjust who can see the uploaded items.

Emailing Files and Photos

When emailing files and photos through the custom email address for the project, those attachments will always follow the default sharing options for Files and Photos set above. These files can be opened directly through the e-mail itself.