Getting Clients to Communicate via CoConstruct

Getting Clients to Communicate via CoConstruct

Amber Harlow


Note: Client login access is only available on CoConstruct's Plus plan.  Core and Standard accounts are enabled to give clients email-only access.


Ok. So you've sold the client on your outstanding homes and services. They are excited about using CoConstruct, and you have them set up and ready to go in the system.

The project gets underway and they start sending you messages and questions -- from their personal email account.

So how can you get your clients fully vested in using the CoConstruct system?

Here are some strategies for encouraging clients to communicate via CoConstruct:

  1. Your clients probably suffer from email overload in their lives, so point out how CoConstruct will save them from the same fate when working with you. Remind them that they can by keeping all project related conversations organized in one location for easy reference.

    The Messages page, along with the comment sections throughout the site, will keep their communications secure and accessible to the project team, while emails from personal accounts can get lost or deleted.

  2. Reinforce how quick and easy the reply via email feature is. Your clients can respond to email without ever logging on to CoConstruct. Simply reply to the email, and CoConstruct will place it in the right location for that project.

  3. If an email is sent to you from outside of CoConstruct, cut and paste it into the appropriate spot in the system. Then reply back from within the site, to reinforce your commitment to keeping written communications organized in one location. 

  4. If your clients have email-only access, or if you still can't drag them away from Outlook or Gmail, show your client how she can initiate a new conversation in CoConstruct directly from email.

    When your client receives an instant alert message (it must be a Message), have her save the "Reply to" address in their personal address book as something like "Bob's Builders." Using this address, she can send communications directly to their project's Messages page.

    You then may need to move the communication to a comment on a selection or specification, but at least it will be in the system!

  5. And last, but certainly not least, put it in writing! Include language in your construction contract about the use of an online project management system for all written communication, selections and approvals. This way your clients know exactly what is expected of them. Please consult with your attorney about the specific wording to use in your contract.