How and when to add your trade partners?

How and when to add your trade partners?

Megan Sullivan

When to add your trade partners?

You can add your trade partners on day 1! Adding your trade partners doesn’t automatically send them any notifications unless you enable web access. Getting your list of available trade partners imported through your Contacts is probably the fastest way to manage this and our Data Import team would be happy to help in this process.


How to add your trade partners from Contacts page?

  1. Click on “Import”

  2. Download the template and enter your trade partner information. Then “Select” the file from your computer and choose the “Yes” bullet that these entries should also be created on your Trade Partner list.
  3. Update settings for each trade partner as needed from the Contacts > Trade Partners page.  Click on the name of any trade partner to edit their settings and details.

How to add your partners from the Contacts > Trade Partners page?

  1. Go to the Contacts > Trade Partners page 
  2. Click on the “New” button

  3. Create a nickname for your trade partner to quickly identify them when assigning them to work (Example: Electrician – Steve) as well as all their other contact information.
  4. Under the “Communication Settings” you’ll want make sure that the “Show in Work Lists” box is checked if you wish to include this partner in communication and to assign them work.
  5. Comments are required to be turned on to either by email, by text or by email and text in order for you to send them comments and for them to reply to work assignments.
  6. “Send Individual Task Assignments” will need to be set to by email, by text or by email and text in order for your trade partners to receive notifications about the work assignments you add them too.
  7. “Task Summary” emails include any task assignments that your trade partners have been assigned to that they should be aware of based upon your Schedule Settings. These can be set to be sent on any day and many days of the week.
  8. “Web Access Settings” are NOT required for you to interact with your trade partners users. This is an added level of permission that will provide them a login in order to view more of the information of your projects.
    • “Add Trade Partner to new projects by default” will automatically provide your trade partner’s access to new projects you create without you having to select to add them to a job.
    • If you choose “Projects I Choose” then any projects that are in the “Selected” list are the projects that your trade partners will have access to.

  9. Click “Add” to add your new trade partner to your list