How can I attach photos to my Job Logs?

How can I attach photos to my Job Logs?

Megan Sullivan


A picture is worth a thousand words, so save time in the field by taking a couple pictures and immediately uploading them alongside any notes in the Job Log.

Attaching photos not only helps to quickly post important details, but can help avoid costly mistakes by catching issues with the job early on.

While we never hope for these situations, having photos tracked alongside timestamped Job Log notes can also cover builders in cases of legal disputes.

Plus, of course, clients will be satisfied viewing progress photos over the course of the job!

Uploading photos

You can attach photos from the website or the mobile app. In the mobile app, you can even draw on your photos to mark them up and call out important details before you upload them.


  1. Open an existing Job Log entry by clicking on the date from the summary page, or click on the "Add" button and pick a new date.
  2. In the Photos section at the bottom, click "Add."
  3. Select from photos that are already on your project, or upload a new photo from your computer.
  4. After the photo has been uploaded, click on a photo and use the "Edit" button to change the client visibility, photo labels, or add a description.

Mobile app:

  1. In the "Projects" tab, select your job and click to the "Job Log" page.
  2. Open an existing Job Log entry by clicking on the date, or create a new entry if needed.
  3. Tap "Attach Photos."
  4. Tap "Select photos." You can choose to take a new photo or upload an existing one.
  5. To mark up or annotate the photo, tap the "Draw" pencil icon on the photo.
  6. Give it a description and choose visibility or labels.
  7. Tap "Upload" to save the attachment.

Viewing photos

Once attached, you will be able to view the photos on the main Job Log list page and in the individual Job Log entry.

Within the Job Log summary list view, you will not see options to edit, delete, or change client visibility.

But, when you click on the photos from within a Job Log entry, you can edit the information to change the description, photo labels, client visibility, or to delete the photo.

Client visibility

Clients will only be able to view photos that have been specifically made visible to them. Any photos that your team has chosen not to share will not appear on the client's view.

Note: Client Login access is required for sharing job log entries with your client.  Client login access in only available on CoConstruct's Plus plan.

Trade partner visibility

Note that while you cannot directly set partner visibility for Job Log photos from the Job Log (since partners don't have access to the Job Log), you can still share the photo with your trade partners.

In CoConstruct, uploading a photo to any part of a project, including the Job Log, adds that photo to the project's Files & Photos page. To change trade partner visibility on the Files & Photos page, select "Attached Elsewhere" from the Photos tab filters, then click the trade partner visibility 3-person Not visible to trade partners icon to turn it green.

Note: Trade Partner Web Access is required for sharing photos with your trade partners.  Trade login access in only available on CoConstruct's Plus plan.