How can I organize my warranty requests into sublists?

How can I organize my warranty requests into sublists?

Megan Sullivan

What are sublists?

Sublists allow you to further segment the types of items on the Warranty page. They are most commonly used to separate your punch list items from other warranty items. As another idea, if you have predetermined warranty walkthroughs with your clients, you may have sublists for "30 day," "60 day," and "11 month."

By organizing your warranty requests into sublists, you can filter your Warranty page to see only the items on the sublist that's of interest to you.

How can I customize my sublists?

You can modify your warranty sublists by going to the Settings > Account > "Warranty Sublists" tab.

From here, you can add new sublist that will immediately be available on the Warranty page for your projects. You can then use that sublist for any new or open warranty items.

If you ever need to delete an existing sublist, head back to the "Warranty Sublists" tab on the Account Settings page. If the sublist you are deleting has existing warranty items, they will be moved to the "General" sublist.