How can I set up a warranty check-in program in CoConstruct?

How can I set up a warranty check-in program in CoConstruct?

Megan Sullivan

One of the most important parts of marketing your business comes after all the construction is done and the tools have been put away. That's when your clients hopefully start sending you referrals based on their great building experience with your company

To make sure that things end on a high note, some of our builders and remodelers have developed in-depth warranty programs that include customer check-in's at set intervals after project completion, such as weekly, monthly, or annually.

So how can you fit this into CoConstruct? 

  1. Utilize your Schedule. Set up a warranty milestone and have all of your check-in tasks listed under that. You can even build it into your schedule templates.

    The one catch is that the schedule goes into read-only mode when you change your project status to "Warranty." So, if you go this route, just remember to keep the projects in "Active" status until your warranty period is up. Take a look at one of the example schedules contributed by a fellow CoConstruct user: Schedule example with extensive closing checklist and customer care program.

  2. Utilize your Warranty page. Try setting up a warranty item called "Customer check-in." Set the date and assign it to a member of your team. Also, make it NOT visible to clients. Then when that date rolls around and the check-in is complete, either push the date forward on the task to the next designated check-in or close the item and add a new one to keep a historical record with notes.

Either way, CoConstruct can help you with those reminders so your clients feel loved during construction and after the dust settles.