Can clients change their choice on a selection item?

Can clients change their choice on a selection item?

Donny Wyatt

Your client enters a selection for marble countertops, but later decides they want to change their choice to granite. So what do they do?

Your client can enter in their own selection change until your team has either:
1. Clicked the "Update status" link and locked the selection, or...
2. Assigned the selection item to a change order or variation.

Either way, a padlock icon will appear to show that the selection has been locked. At that point, the client can view the selection, but cannot change it.


Why doesn't CoConstruct lock the item the second the client enters their choice? Clients may have accidentally clicked the wrong choice, or you may want to give them the flexibility to play with the selection until the time comes for you to lock it down and place the order.

In the end, this keeps you from having to undo mistakes, but still leaves you in control to decide when something is set in stone.