How can I share home progress videos with clients?

How can I share home progress videos with clients?

Megan Sullivan

Photos are a great way to update your clients, but what if you could offer them an even better view of the progress on their home? By sharing videos linked directly from CoConstruct, you can.

Here's how to share progress videos with your clients via YouTube:

1.  Sign in or create your YouTube Account and upload your videos.
2.  Click on your Account Name located in the top right of any page. Click on Videos from the expanded menu.
3.  Choose the video you want to edit and click the Edit button next to the video thumbnail.
4.  Scroll down to the Broadcasting and Sharing Options and find the Privacy section.
5.  You'll see the option to make the video Public, Unlisted, or Private.
6.  Select Unlisted. Make sure to click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page.
7.  Once you've set your videos as unlisted, you're ready to share. Simply attach the video's URL as a link right from the Messages page in CoConstruct for your clients to view.

By choosing this "Unlisted" option, your clients will be able to view the videos without a special YouTube login. They'll also be able to send that link to family and friends. However, the video will not be available to anyone who does not have that link.

If you want to use the video for broader marketing purposes, choose "Public" instead. You can still put the same link into CoConstruct, but the video will be indexed by search engines and will be viewable by anyone.

For public videos, be sure to include your company name, website URL, and details about the video in the description. That way, prospects who find the video will know who you are and what they're seeing.

Enjoy sharing some movie magic with your clients!