How do comment alert emails work?

How do comment alert emails work?

Megan Sullivan

Builders, clients and trade partners can receive comment alert updates.

To set this up for trade partners, select the Contacts > Trade Partners tab from the top navigation bar and click on the desired partner. Select the "Edit" button at the bottom of the page. In the Communication Settings section you can specify whether you want comment updates sent via email, text, both or not at all. Be sure to click the "Update" button before leaving the page.

If you select not to send comments to a trade partner, you will not be able to add them to communication threads.  Trade partners will only receive notifications for communications they've been added to.

All users can make changes to their instant alert settings by going to their Personal Settings page when logged in to CoConstruct.

Each comment alert email contains the most recent reply, any file/photo attachments as well as the entire conversation history. You don't have to log in to CoConstruct to respond. Reply to the email and your response will be added to the right spot in the conversation in CoConstruct.