How do I archive a project?


January 16, 2020

When a project is completely done and the clients no longer need access, you can change it to "Archived" status. 

To do this, go to Projects> Edit Projects and in the "Status" column you can change a project from "Active" to "Archived." This will turn off your clients' access, stop any notifications to subs, and suppress any other alerts to you on that project.


Once you archive a project, you can still access all of the project’s data and files in CoConstruct. When you mark a project as archived, it may be a good time to use the “Download Project Data” link on the main menu to download the data and burn it to a CD for your office files.

Once a project is archived, you cannot un-archive it yourself. If you need to reactivate a project, please contact support so we can handle that for you.

If you still have warranty period remaining on a project, consider moving it to "warranty" status, rather than archiving it. You and your clients will still have access to the the warranty list, but won't receive alerts about selection, change order, or schedule items.


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