How do I edit or delete a partner?

How do I edit or delete a partner?

Megan Sullivan

Editing partner information

From the Contacts > Trade Partners, click on the trade partner’s nickname.

Then click “Edit” at the bottom of the screen.

You can then update their contact and notification settings from this page. If you do not see an “Edit” button, that means the partner is inactive and you will need to first click the “Make Partner Active” button.


Deleting a partner

For an active partner account, you can delete a user by clicking the “Delete” button next to “Edit”.

"Inactive" vs. completely deleted: You may notice that some partners cannot be deleted entirely from CoConstruct. This is because they have completed items in the system. These users will instead be “inactive” at the bottom of your Trade Partner List in gray in order to keep an accurate paper trail of those interactions, but they will no longer show up in your assignment lists on projects.