How do I get my leads in or out of CoConstruct?

How do I get my leads in or out of CoConstruct?

Megan Sullivan


Importing a list

The first time you visit the Leads page, you are bound to have a slew of sales opportunities that you want to load into the system.

You can import a list of Leads by doing the following:

  1. Head to Leads and click "Import" at the top.
  2. Download the CSV file template.
  3. Fill in your details -- an email address and either a first or last name is required, but all other information is optional. Make sure you do not delete or add any columns to this file, as it will prevent your leads from importing. There are some fields (like lead stage and lead rating, for example), where your account settings will determine the different values you can enter, so make sure you are entering lead stages exactly as they appear in CoConstruct. If a lead stage isn't recognized, there's a chance that your imported leads will not look how you want them.
  4. Other important notes when configuring your lead import file: Do not include a "$" or other currency symbol when trying to import "estimated revenue" data, and similarly avoid using a "%" symbol when importing "sale probability" information. For the lead rating, simply enter a number between 0 and 100 (e.g. "15" for 15%). If you do include extra symbols in these fields, those fields will be skipped during the import process, but the rest of your lead and contact will still be imported as usual.
  5. Save the file, keeping it formatted as a CSV file.
  6. In CoConstruct, browse to select your completed import template.

Adding new leads individually

After loading your initial list of leads, you can always add new leads one-at-a-time.

  1. Select "+ New" from the Leads dashboard page.
  2. Enter as much contact information as you want on the left side of the page and add as much lead information as you'd like to the Opportunities section on the right side.
  3. That's it! Save before you leave the page.
  4. Extra credit: Make sure you close the loop with the lead by setting yourself a check-in task ("Add Activity" at the top), but you are otherwise all set.

If you are creating a lead for someone who already exists within your list of Contacts (such as a repeat lead, repeat customer, or a lead for someone who you have already loaded into CoConstruct), you will need to add the new lead directly from their contact record:

  1. Start from the Contacts page
  2. Filter or search to find the contact and click on their name.
  3. Create a new opportunity on the right side of the page and enter all of your relevant lead details.
  4. Save the page and the new opportunity will be visible on the Leads page.

Exporting your leads

From the Leads page, you can click the "Export" button at any time to get your list of leads out of the system.

If you need to export a subset of your leads, use the "Filter" button at the top to specify the leads that you want to see before clicking "Export."

Only the leads that match your current filter will be exported to a new CSV file that you can open within Microsoft Excel or a similar program.


Note: Lead Management tools are only available on CoConstruct's Standard or Plus plans.