CoConstruct Setup Guide

CoConstruct Setup Guide

Amber Harlow

Welcome to CoConstruct!  You've joined a great team and community of builders looking to coordinate projects, collaborate, and control financials.  Ready to start leveraging this powerful tool?  Check out the video below for a quick overview on how to get around and to see the key project areas at work.  THEN use the setup guide below to dive in!


1. Account Basics

No matter your role, permissions, or level of access to CoConstruct, there are basic concepts and terms everyone needs to know.  Check out the quick glossary of CoConstruct terms below:


Project = The remodels, additions, renovations, design-builds, new homes, and more that make up the bread and butter of your business.  CoConstruct projects act as virtual manila folders filled with important project details and housing all the communication between your team, clients, and trade partners.

Active = The second phase of a project dedicated to managing the "boots on the ground" and moving the active construction project through the build process.  These projects enable key project management and financial features such as Invoicing, Purchase Orders, Change Orders, the Job Log, the Warranty page, and schedule notifications that correspond with this phase of construction.

Prospect = The first phase of a project dedicated to winning an interested lead.  Since your account comes with an unlimited number of these projects, use them to build out proposals (complete with price, scope of work, and selections), draft up a preliminary project timeline (using the schedule), communicate with everyone about the details, and so much more.

Warranty = The third phase of a project dedicated to managing the final construction and post-construction details.  These projects preserve project details in a read-only format for reference while also enabling continued communications between all parities plus managing warranty requests.

Archived = The fourth and final phase of a project dedicated to storing all project details.  These projects make up your virtual filing cabinet.

My Team / Builder User = The employees and team members that make up the backbone of your company.  These users log into CoConstruct to see project details, log work hours, manage tasks, and more depending on their permissions and access.

Trade Partners = The subcontractors, trades, vendors, architects, designers, inspectors, and more you work with to complete projects.  Since these third party folks provide crucial labor and materials required for the project, they interact with CoConstruct via email, text message, and/or even by logging into an online portal.

Clients = The individual(s) requesting the construction project.  These users interact with projects via email and/or by logging into an online portal.

Time Clock = A time keeping tool for tracking, viewing, managing, and reporting on employee work hours.

Task Manager = A one-stop-shop, comprehensive tool showing all open tasks (including schedule tasks, to-dos, warranty requests, and contact activities) in one centralized location.  Use the task manager to view project schedules side-by-side, manage task flows across the business, and see a full list of YOUR assignments and responsibilities.

To-do = The unplanned or ad-hoc tasks that pop up over the course of a job outside the planned project schedule.  Document, manage, and delegate these tasks to yourself, other team members, and/or trade partners to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Warranty Request = Tasks recorded as construction winds down and during any warranty period following project completion.  Much like To-dos, manage and assign these to your team and/or trade partners.

Contacts = A virtual rolodex of leads, clients, team members, trade partners, and any other individuals entered into CoConstruct along with their contact information (i.e. phone number, email, address, etc.)

Leads = anyone interested in working with your company for their construction projects starts as a lead.  All leads collect in a dashboard to manage your sales process.

Contact Activities = Any tasks required to organize the sales process.  Attached to contacts and leads, these activities assigned among your team can document various meetings, call notes, emails, and more.

Templates = Library of master copies of estimates, specs/selections, schedules, costs, and proposals used to populate projects with information.

Community = Private forum for CoConstruct users to collaborate with other builders, ask questions, and share industry information.

Job Log = A record of jobsite progress, setbacks, and updates geared towards more efficient management, legal security, happier clients, and a collaborate team.

2. Your Tool Kit

As you get started with CoConstruct, leverage the several tools provided for your success.

Pro Path

The Pro Path outlines the major business outcomes CoConstruct addresses. Download the attached pro path visual diagram and follow your path to success.

Training Home Project

This included project offers a worry-free sandbox environment for building out your process and testing out various functions within the site. Keep this project in your account in an Active phase so you always have a safe place to learn and explore.  As you bring other team members on board, give them access to this project so they too can learn in a space separate from any real projects.

Accidentally archive this project? Reach out to to reactivate.

Help Center & Support

Alongside the system housing your projects and business data lives a full and robust help center stocked with several articles and videos designed to answer your questions.  You've taken an important step already by finding and reading this article!  There are several more like it.  Simply use the search function at the top.

Can't find what you're looking for or you simply want a direct answer from a real human?  Contact!  CoConstruct's team of product experts and implementation specialists are here to help!

"?" Icons

Scattered throughout the site, these icons represent pathways to commonly asked questions for that particular page plus quick explanations for certain terms and functions.  Don't worry about leaving your work to get answers.  Simply find a "?"!


Check out the full library of live and on demand webinars focused on certain features of the system.  Schedule yourself for a dedicated training class including live Q&A or watch videos on your own time.


With some of the basics under your belt - you may be asking where to go next?  You're excited to dive into this awesome tool and want to know "now what."  How do you dig in and start seeing the value?  This tool has so many great features and functions designed to streamline your business so first start by defining some priorities.

Think about the biggest pain points you experience right now.  What keeps you up at night?  Do projects keep sliding to the left?  Do last minute project changes drain resources and tank your bottom line?  Do project details get lost?  Regardless of which pain speaks loudest to you, the CoConstruct feature set distills into 2 major categories:

Financials = Features connected to and containing costs directly related to income and expenses for a project.  Looking to....

Project Management = Features connected to task and time management plus organizing important project details.  Looking to...

IF any of these ring true, check out the dedicated setup steps.  Pick one area to focus on then come back when you feel ready to take on the second piece.