How do I give a credit on a selection item?

How do I give a credit on a selection item?

Megan Sullivan

Most of the time your clients are writing out the checks to you -- thank goodness. But there are instances where you have to apply a credit back for selections on a project.

Here are options for handling credit situations in Co-construct:
    1. Use allowances for selections. If you create a selection item with an allowance amount and the client either declines the selection or chooses an option with a lower price, Co-construct will handle the rest. The system will automatically credit the difference and the negative amount will appear on both the selection and the financials summary.

    2. Enter a negative price for a selection. For example, the original contract may have called for a bay window in a home addition. The price of the bay window was therefore factored into the contract price. Then the client says that they just want a standard window, and would like a credit back. You would create a new selection item called "Replace bay window with standard window." You would make it not mandatory and include a single predefined option of "Yes" or "Use standard window," with a price of -$3,500. When the client makes the choice for the regular window, they will receive a $3,500 credit.

      Note: On projects where you are tracking the budget, you can enter negative amounts by entering the positive amount of the credit (e.g. $3,500) and using a "quantity" of "-1".

    3. Create a change order, and in the "Extra Charge" line enter the credit amount using a minus sign. The change order can be specific to one item or a sum of all credits, with a name like "End of project credits."


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