Populating Your Performance View

Populating Your Performance View


The Performance View is a separate add-on feature to the CoConstruct platform. 

Once turned on for your account, simply head to Contacts then select Team Members from the drop down menu. Use the ellipse function next to any team member and select Edit. Check the box for View Performance View to provide this team member with access. For the change to take full effect, any team members granted permission to the Performance View should log out then log back in. 

The Performance View appears as the first landing page when logging in. Watch the quick overview video to get started!


Each module contains important key information about your projects.

Projects in Flight

Compare the actual project schedule against the set baseline for all projects. This module highlights which projects have fallen behind plus where you might be ahead of schedule.

Populate this report by:

Setting your schedule’s baseline once the project begins


Estimated vs. Projected Profit

Get a quick glance at the current financial status of your projects. This module reveals how much you originally estimated to make on the job compared to what you're currently set to make on the project given selections, change orders, and actuals.  

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Selections Not on Change Orders

Discover the financial impact decided selections not yet approved on a change order have to project income. Use this module to see the dollar value of selections not yet placed on change orders. This represents potential income to the project. These details are especially important for fixed price projects to ensure you have a contractual agreement for selections that are over the client's allowance.

Issuing change orders is crucial to ensure final approval of selections and enable those overages to be invoiced to the client.  This module will help your team stay on top of timely approvals and invoicing for selection overages so that you don't leave revenue unaccounted for.

Populate this report by:

  • Setting up selections in your project with the correct financial information
  • Engaging your clients and/or Selection Coordinators to record choices in the system
  • Updating the Selection Option prices for selections and allowances when choices are made
  • Adding Selections to a Change Order for final approval


The Operations section of the page is designed to help you keep your projects on track with two key metrics: keeping schedule tasks up-to-date and recording selections on time.

Schedule Status

Get an overview of completed, overdue, upcoming, and open tasks for each of your active project schedules. This module allows you to view the completion status of each project as well as monitor overdue tasks to ensure that your team is closing out tasks that are finished or updating tasks to reflect delays or variations in the schedule.

Use this module to get an overview percentage of overdue tasks in order to keep tabs on your team’s effectiveness and performance.

Keeping your schedules up-to-date is vital to ensuring your team and trade partners stay on track and that you have an accurate view of where each project is.  

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Selection Status

Timely client selections keep projects on track and ensure that materials get ordered and delivered in time to stay on schedule. This module displays the current status of selections on your active projects to stay on top of decided, overdue, upcoming, and remaining selections.

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Process Compliance

Your team in the field plays a huge role in the successful completion of your projects and ensuring that key players outside of the field stay updated on progress, issues, and important events. Establish processes for your team to keep information in your projects updated, which ensures you know about these events and can keep track of your jobs easily. Updating the schedule regularly and recording job logs provide two processes geared towards accuracy.

Schedule Activity

Knowing that schedules get updated regularly creates peace of mind and ensures accurate schedule projections. This module displays an overview of which of your schedules have been updated over the last week, helping you ensure that your teams are regularly updating the schedule by closing out tasks that have been finished, updating tasks that are ahead or behind schedule, and adding tasks based on changes in the project.

Populate this report by:

  • Setting a standard process for your teams on when they should be updating the schedule
  • Assigning at least one person on each job site to be responsible for recording updates to tasks

Job Log Activity

Regular use of the Job Log reduces communication errors, strengthens client relationships, and provides a rock solid paper trail of project activity. This module displays daily job log updates on each of your projects. A daily job log is a great way to communicate deliveries, issues, site visits, and employee/trade work on the job each day.  Notes and photos on the Job Log can be shared with clients as well to keep them informed of the progress of their job.

Populate this report by:

  • Requiring team members to record notes in the job log on a daily basis

Client Engagement

Understanding customer engagement provides a window into the potential success of a project. A happy and engaged client hands over that final check without hesitation. Knowing if clients communicate, make decisions, or complete approvals gives a pulse on their engagement and ultimate happiness with the job’s progress.

Client Engagement

Monitor the level of activity by each of your clients within the system. This module highlights potential issues allowing you to nudge unengaged clients and remind them of the importance of staying on top of updates, communications, and approvals. Use this information to ensure they stay informed and fulfill their side of keeping the project moving.

Populate this report by:

  • Introducing your clients to CoConstruct at the beginning of the project to portray the importance and value of up-to-date, immediate information on their job
  • Encouraging your clients to log in regularly to check for updates
  • Communicating with your clients through CoConstruct when you have questions or important updates, and encouraging your clients to do the same
  • Explaining the importance of recording client selections and signing off on approval documents

Client Communications

Prevent miscommunication by engaging all relevant parties in comments/messages and making a habit of recording and organizing everything in CoConstruct. This module keeps track of recent client communications and monitors which of your clients maintain engagement with you and your team.

Populate this report by:

  • Always communicating with your clients through the CoConstruct system
  • Requiring that clients post or respond to all communications, questions, or concerns for you and your team through the system or through responses to email notifications


Have specific project groups you use to sort and tag projects? Use the Filter at the top of the Performance view to focus the data on those specific projects.