Adding trade partners to a project, with notifications

Kevin Fitzpatrick

Kevin Fitzpatrick

Trade Partners are given web access (the ability to view CoConstruct online) from their Trade Partner record (Contacts > Trade Partners > Click on a name). When you add a trade partner with web access, they are sent an invitation and will need to register to access the system.
Note: when you grant Web Access to a partner, they will receive an invitation email within 15 minutes to log into CoConstruct. One of the first things they will see will be the Trade Partner introduction video.

  • How to add trade partners to a project (2 ways):
    • From the Trade Partner list (Contacts > Trade Partners), use the checkboxes to select the trade partner(s) and click the "Add to Project" button
    • When on the project's Setup page, you'll have a section that outlines "Trade Partner Access." Select the trade partners who will need access to this project.
  • How to notify trade partners about items:
    • You can notify trade partners about relevant specifications or selections by posting comments to the item on CoConstruct.
    • You can also assign to-dos, schedule tasks, and warranty requests to your subs and vendors, and communicate on those items through the unique comments pages.
    • You can create purchase orders for your trade partner to lay out specific scope of work for their items and communicate privately about that work or pricing.
  • How to notify trade partners about upcoming, scheduled work 
    • Assign the trade partner to a schedule task
    • Publish the schedule
    • A notification will be sent to trade partner as the task approaches based on your Schedule Settings
    • Your trade partner can confirm the task directly from their email notification, or you as the builder can confirm the task for them)


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