Set up your Push Time to QuickBooks

Set up your Push Time to QuickBooks

Megan Sullivan


You’ll need to set up a few things in your account before you can push time entries to QuickBooks, but CoConstruct makes it easy by walking you through the process. Keep in mind, only an Admin user will have the correct permission to set up the connection items for the pushing of Time Clock entries.

When you're ready to push your first time entries into your QuickBooks account, you can simply go to your Time Clock and click the "Push" button.


From here, we'll let you know what setup steps need to be completed in order to process the exchange of information. You will see a screen that looks something like the image below.


There are four links that need to be established.

  1. Time Clock activities and QuickBooks items
  2. My Team users and QuickBooks employees (CoConstruct will attempt to auto-map these for you)
  3. Time entry "type" and QuickBooks payroll items
  4. Projects and QuickBooks Customers / Customer:Jobs


There are three links that need to be established.

  1. Time Clock activities and QuickBooks product & services
  2. My Team users and QuickBooks employees (CoConstruct will attempt to automap these for you)
  3. Projects and QuickBooks Customers / Customer:Project or Customer:Sub-Customer

When you navigate to the "Accounting Settings" page, you'll see that we've opened this in a setup mode, where items needing attention are highlighted in yellow. You only need to link the items that you’re currently using in the Time Clock, but we’ll highlight anything that is eligible to be included on a time entry in the future.




Once this part of the setup is completed, you will want to navigate to the Project Setup page of any projects where you've been tracking time entries and make sure those projects are linked to QuickBooks.


Once all of the setup is completed, return to the Time Clock page and click the Push button. Click here to see what happens next when you push your time to QuickBooks.

Pushing your time to QuickBooks will enable you to pull labor actuals (cost for labor) back into your CoConstruct budgets.  For more information on setting up your Labor Actuals, reference our Help Center articles here:

Labor Actuals - QuickBooks Desktop Setup

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Note: The Time Clock function is only available on CoConstruct's Standard or Plus plans.

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