Spec & Selection Template Examples

Spec & Selection Template Examples

Amber Harlow

Get some ideas for your spec & selection templates from these real examples, contributed by other CoConstruct construction software customers.

Want to share your templates (minus your name)? Email us at support@co-construct.com and we'll post it here so other can benefit from your good ideas too.

Note: These examples are here for inspiration and aren't available to be imported at this time. Anything you would like to add to your Spec & Selection templates will need to be entered manually.

Custom home selection sheet

This is a well-rounded selection sheet. It's also a good example of how you may have more items on your master selection sheet than you'll need on a given project.

For example, look at the "04 - Appliances" category. You'll see an "Appliance Package" selection item, as well as a selection item for each of the different appliances. You'd rarely copy both on the same project. You would either:

  1. Have the client go to a single vendor, who compiles all of the appliance choices on a single quote. In this scenario, you'd only use the "Appliance Package" selection item on a project, and just attach the quote to that.
  2. Have the client go all over the place for appliances, in which case it is easier to track each one individually. For this situation, you wouldn't use the "Appliance Package" selection and would only copy those appliance selections that applied to the particular project.

MSS - Custom home selection sheet.pdf

New custom home - Per-room detail

This Master Selection Sheet has all selections broken down by category and room. Rather than grouping items together as one selection, such as appliances and plumbing fixtures, the items are broken down into single selections. If you're a details person, then you'll probably like this longer, but more comprehensive, arrangement.

Also, this Master Selection Sheet contains items for upsales, such as backsplashes, paint upgrades, and a reverse osmosis system to get clients thinking about these additional options.

MSS - Per-room detail.pdf

Extensive information for clients

MSS - Extensive information for clients.pdf

Semi-custom home

Here is a description from the builder regarding this Semi-Custom Selection Sheet:

"I find that giving buyers actual items that are included in the allowances is a much better process. For example, when people see the exact window they are getting, they are much more in tune with the perceived value of that item. Just sending someone to Pella to look at windows is too overwhelming for most buyers. Base on my experience and knowledge, I give them a concrete starting point and then they can make changes as they desire from there.

Also, I stay away from too much detail on every single item. Buyers will steer you to the things on which they want to spend time and/or money. Don't make them do all the little details it if they don't show interest.

I try to keep it concise and simple. Hopefully that is reflected here."

MSS - Semi-custom home.pdf

Upselling tool

Information regarding this Master Selection Sheet:

"This template works for us as it is a comprehensive list of everything the client needs to choose throughout the process. It has links to more information and is a great tool for upsales to our clients."

MSS - Upselling tool.pdf

Code-specific categories

Here is a description from the builder team regarding this Master Selection Sheet:

"We use a specific cost code system and I am able to create CODE SPECIFIC sections within this template. For example, my first Division is 00-Procurement and Contracting Requirements, a cost code category that includes Architectural Plans 000150 and Survey Information 000175.

I place all of my architects, certified building designers, survey companies in this Division, which corresponds to the electronic and paper logs and files I keep for each project.

It is easy to stay organized and to send out for bids using this template information.

I have also created categories for each trade such as Division 3-Concrete, Division 04-Masonry, Division 05-Metals, Division 06-Wood & Plastic Composites, etc., through Division 44-Pollution Control Equipment."

MSS - Code-specific categories.pdf

Positive client feedback

Comments from the builder about this selection sheet:

"Selections is a work in progress but works well, with lots of positive feedback from customers on the ease of using the web site and keeping track of where they are in selections $ and timeline."

MSS - Positive client feedback.pdf

Chronological categories

This Selection Sheet has worked well for its team, since it is in chronological order, and all of the selections have as much information as possible without being overwhelming.

MSS - Chronological categories.pdf

Supplier links & upsells

Information from the builder regarding this selection sheet:

"We link to our preferred suppliers for both std inclusions and potential up selling opportunities leaving the client to do their own leg work and make decisions in their own time. The images help as well."

MSS - Supplier links & upsells.pdf

Items separated by order points

Information from the builder about this Master Selection Sheet:

"We designed it based on internal requirements, ability to break by sub or "order point". Very few options at this time .... mostly designed around our full custom homes and a "fill in the blank" approach to completing the selection sheet."

MSS - Items separated by order points.pdf