Syncing client payments with your accounting software

Syncing client payments with your accounting software

Amber Harlow

Once your accounting software is linked to CoConstruct, you can set the system to automatically look for payments on that invoice so that you can avoid questions from your clients about things like "how much have I paid?" With synced payment information, your clients and your team will all be on the same page.

This video shows you how to effortlessly pull in payment information on a project to your Financials Summary. Feel free to follow along with the step-by-step written directions as well.


1. If you're an admin user on CoConstruct, you can configure the system to pull in all of the payments on a project to the "Payment Summary" section of a project's Financial Summary.

  • New Projects: When adding new projects, select to "Show optional settings" and use the Integration section to sync.  When you link the project to your accounting system, you can check the box for "Client Payments".
  • Existing Project:  Simply head to the Project Setup page to link payments.
  • Account Default: Pull in payments by default from your Accounting Settings so that any project linked with QuickBooks automatically pulls in payments once connected to the customer/customer:job.

2. When a project is set to retrieve customer payments, there are a couple of things that you should be aware of.

  • In order to avoid duplicate entry and keep your payment information straight between CoConstruct and your accounting system, when you set a project to retrieve customer payments, you won't be able to manually add or edit payment information on the Financials Summary.
  • If you've already entered payment information on an existing project, that information will be removed and replaced with the payment information from the synced data in your accounting system.

3. When you go to the Financials Summary on a project that is set to retrieve customer payments, you'll see an option to "Sync Data Now." CoConstruct will also sync automatically once a day.

4. Any new payments that exist in your accounting system will show up in the "Payment Summary" section on the Summary tab of the Financials page.

  • If you're using QuickBooks Desktop, remember to use the QuickBooks Web Connector to sync your data so that your payments will appear in CoConstruct.

5. This doesn't just work for new payments, but will sync any existing payments for that client. You can also edit or delete existing payments in your accounting software and those changes will be reflected in CoConstruct after your account syncs. Unfortunately, we can't sync other transactions like credits or refunds at this time. Here's the full scoop of what will sync with your accounting system on a linked project:

CoConstruct and accounting software syncing chart