Updating or overwriting markup/margin amounts

Updating or overwriting markup/margin amounts

Kevin Fitzpatrick

If you are making changes to your markup configuration on a project, CoConstruct will let you decide whether the changes should be applied across the board or if they should only be used for future line items that are added.

Note that this option is only available if you are applying markup per line item, in columns, or if you are running a Fixed Price project.

In open book projects where markup is not applied to each line item individually, but rather in rows at the bottom of your estimate, changes you make to the markup amounts will always replace your existing calculations on the estimate.


Overwrite on every line item

For any % values you have changed (outlined in green), the corresponding markups on your estimate will be overwritten when you hit “Save and Recalculate” and the new calculations will be used across the board in your estimate.

Use this option when you've got a full estimate built with 5% markup, and you want to go back through to adjust all of your lines to 10% markup, without having to go through each line individually.

Be aware that if you had previously gone through your estimate and changed the markup for certain line items, those line-by-line customizations will be lost when you overwrite.

Lines that cannot be overwritten: If a selection or line is associated with an approval document, the financials will not be overwritten when you use this option, since the pricing for those cost lines have been locked down on the approval document.


Set as default for new line items; Do not overwrite on existing line items

If you don't want to overwrite the current markup that already exists on your project's estimate, use this option.

This will avoid making changes to your current markup percentages, but will rather apply the new markup defaults on new line items that you create.

If you use this option, be aware that making changes beyond the markup percentages may still result in changes to your estimate.


  • If you update a 5% markup to 10% markup, your estimate's 5% markup will still be in place on existing items, but 10% will be used on new lines that you add.
  • If you change your markup calculation from 5% of the Ext Cost (Markup) to 10% of the Item Total (Margin), then your existing markup percentages will stay at 5% as in the example above. But, the calculated dollar amounts will change, since now the "margin" calculation will be applied to the entire estimate, including future items as well as the 5% that was previously calculated on the Ext Cost. In other words, even though you are not selecting to overwrite your estimate, financials will change regardless since you are converting a markup calculation to a margin calculation.