Keeping Clients Informed: Setting Up Instant Alerts & Summary Emails

Keeping Clients Informed: Setting Up Instant Alerts & Summary Emails

Megan Sullivan


Keeping your clients updated about their home's progress is crucial. In CoConstruct, Summary Emails and Instant Alerts work hand in hand to keep your clients informed, without bombarding them with unnecessary messages.

Summary Emails can be sent daily (Monday through Saturday), weekly, or not at all. These emails report if there is something new, upcoming, or urgent on their project, such as new photos, pending change orders, or selections that need to be addressed. If there is nothing new to report, an email will not be sent.

The Instant Alerts immediately notify clients of new comments, messages, questions, change orders, selection choices, and files/photos. They can then reply to those emails to have their responses logged in the site.

When you invite your clients to the project, you can select which of these emails you want them to receive.

You can check or adjust their notification settings at any time from the Project Setup.  Use the ellipse icon (...) to make appropriate Edits.


Clients can also control these settings from their Personal Settings.

If your clients have email-only access, they automatically receive instant alerts for comments, messages, change orders, invoices, and file & photo uploads.  Summary emails are not available for clients with email-only access.


Note: Client login access is only available on CoConstruct's Plus plan.  Core and Standard accounts are enabled to give clients email-only access.

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