What are the different project phases?

What are the different project phases?

Megan Sullivan

  1. Prospect
  2. Active
  3. Warranty
  4. Archived
  5. How can I update the phase of my project? 


You can set up and use CoConstruct projects with your prospects or potential customers. These let you show off the system to interested leads before you land the sale. The prospect phase can be used for demo purposes or pre-contract negotiations.

During prospect phase, there are a few areas of the project that will have limitations in place. These areas are all related to parts of the site that you wouldn't be using during the prospect phase.

But, once your prospect becomes a real customer, you'll want to update the project's phase to make it active and help you get the most out of CoConstruct during the project's full life cycle.

This is for projects that are, well, active! Once you have a signed contract and are actively working on the job and interacting with clients, this is the phase to use until you are done with all of your punch list items.

Once you complete all of the punch list items on a project, you will likely want to move the project to the "warranty" phase.
Limitations: This phase will turn off any notices about selections, questions, schedule, or to-do items and will make those pages read-only.

Still the same: Warranty, messages, photos, and files will still work like they did when the project was in an "active" phase. Your clients and trade partners will also still have access to the project.


When a project is completely done and the clients no longer need access, you can move it to "archived" phase. This will turn off your clients' access, stop any notifications to trade partners, and suppress any other alerts to you on that project.

Once a project is archived, you cannot un-archive it yourself. If you need to reactivate a project, please contact support so we can handle that for you.


How can I update the phase of my project?

To update the phase for a project, head to the Project Setup page.

Use the "Phase" section to select your new phase and then click "Save" at the bottom of the page.



Which phase can be updated to which? 

Prospect  Active, Warranty, Archived
Active  Warranty, Archived
Warranty  Active, Archived
Archived* Prospect**, Active

*If you need to reactivate any of your archived jobs, contact Support for assistance and be sure to include the name of the project(s) in question.

**A prospect project can only be un-archived if you never made it active. If the prospect project was made "active" at any point, it can only be un-archived back to "Active."