Why can't I move or delete the last markup/margin option?

Why can't I move or delete the last markup/margin option?

Kevin Fitzpatrick

Estimates in CoConstruct must always have at least one markup/margin calculation set up to help keep track of your estimated and actual profit during the course of the project.

As a result, you will always have one profit markup at the bottom of your Markup Config page that cannot be moved, deleted, or switched to "Cost".

This markup must always be set to "Profit", and as a result, it must be associated with an accounting code -- this markup cannot inherit the accounting codes that your cost lines use.

This special profit markup is also used by the system in a few unique situations, such as "Extra charge" lines on change orders, where we need to reconcile the total price on your budget with a price that has been manually entered.

If you do find yourself needing to add a markup after your profit, the most common scenarios can be handled by creating a new "Tax" for your estimate (which will be applied on top of your profit). You can also always add as many markup/margin calculations as you want, in which case you can leave the last, fixed markup/margin option at 0%, and account for your profit and other calculations in new custom calculations.